Entourage Dana Gordon

Entourage Actress – Dana Gordon

Dana Gordon, a high-ranking studio executive in Entourage, is played by Constance Zimmer. She is an advocate for Ari Gold, who is trying to secure a role as Aquaman for Vincent Chase. In the series, Dana and Ari have several conflicts, and some episodes even hint at a past relationship. Ari Gold and Dana were once lovers, but Ari later revealed that he was still in love with Dana.

This was a very predictable plot, but it made sense given the soap opera-like nature of the show. Ari, in fact, called Dana drunkenly to discuss his divorce. In the final season, she was a much more rational voice of reason for Ari, but the plot was too implausible to be true.

Constance Alice Zimmer is an American actress. She made her acting debut in the 1993 telefilm “Good Morning, Miami”. She has also appeared in numerous television series, including Good Morning, Miami. Constance is best known for her role as Dana Gordon on the hit show Entourage.

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