Envelope Skirt

How to Wear an Envelope Skirt

The envelope skirt is the newest offshoot of the skater skirt. It sits at the hip and features a zigzag hemline that creates a wraparound effect. This asymmetrical shape also gives the skirt a structural oragami-like quality. This skirt is not a standard skater silhouette and is a bit more voluminous. This skirt pairs well with a tucked-in shirt and is versatile enough to wear for any occasion. Pair it with a statement necklace and you have a party-ready look.

Wearing a white cropped fitted t-shirt and black leather boots with an envelope skirt in blue makes a casual look. To create a more playful look, wear a black felt hat. Another option is to wear a black and white striped button up shirt with a high-rise black envelope skirt. If you want to make this outfit more elegant, add black leather high heels.

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