Er Cast 10

ER Cast 10

The ER cast is one of the best ensembles in television history. Originally airing on NBC, the show redefined television as a drama and brought a cinematic approach to action scenes in a Chicago hospital. The show also boasted the deepest and most lovable ensemble in television history. There are many interesting characters who appeared on the show, and it’s not hard to figure out who the best was.

ER’s long run made it the longest-running prime-time drama in history. It lasted 15 seasons and had a total of 331 episodes. While the show was cancelled in 2009, some cast members went on to become stars in other shows. George Clooney, Angela Bassett, and Maura Tierney all starred on the show.

The ER cast featured some interesting characters. The show’s main characters were a mix of female and male doctors. The first two seasons of the series had several female characters. Among them were Gloria Reuben, who portrayed the physician assistant Jeanie Boulet. In real life, Reuben is the president of the Waterkeeper Alliance. Other cast members included Clooney and Wyle.

The episode opens with a scene in which Sam becomes personally involved in the case of a pregnant teen. As a result, Sam begins to question the future of med students. In addition, the ER faces the victims of a multi-car accident in which a man with heart problems passes out and hits two other cars. Another episode features a fight between Abby and Pratt over the care of a patient with a swollen knee. The show concludes with a scene in which the ER team finds out about the man’s past relationship with Kem.

The last two seasons feature a male lead. Lewis Kovac fears for Ben Hollander, a distraught architect with failing eyesight. Meanwhile, Abby returns to medical school and works as a nurse to pay for her tuition. The show is filled with chaos and grisly conditions, and Lewis Kovac is overwhelmed by the chaos.

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