Etika Funeral

Etika’s Funeral is Set For Thursday

In a video, Etika discussed her plans for a burial. She wanted to be buried outside the YouTube offices with an unmarked gravestone. Her fans rallied to help her fulfill this wish, and some of her YouTube stars, including James Charles and PewDiePie, also posted tributes.

Etika was a well-known YouTuber. She also went by the names Desmond Amofah and Alice Pika. She was known for coming out and self-diagnosed mental illness. She was found dead on a bridge in New York City. Her death was ruled a suicide. Her family is grieving her passing. Her funeral is slated for Thursday. The service is expected to be attended by her many fans.

Etika was last seen on Wednesday, June 19, when the New York Police Department responded to a distress call. Authorities pronounced Etika dead at the scene. Several friends and family members had been concerned for her safety after she posted a video about suicidal thoughts. The video has since been taken down. Police in New York City are now asking for help.

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