Felicia Thomas

Felicia Thomas

Felicia Thomas is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with extensive experience specializing in Emotional Disturbance Counseling, School Issues Counseling and Behavior Disorder Counseling. Known for her genuine concern and empathy with individuals and families facing difficult circumstances.

In her third season as coach of the Cougars, she led them to an outstanding Western Conference record and received Coach of the Year honors.

Early Life and Education

Felicia was widely admired for her kindness to others. She particularly enjoyed helping the elderly at The Whitcomb Tower Senior Citizen Residence at Whitcomb Tower Senior Citizen Residence; often giving them food, clothes and even financial gifts! Felicia would regularly bring food items such as sandwiches to them as well.

Once she graduated high school, she found herself uncertain of her career goals. A friend informed her of court reporting school and she decided to enroll.

At graduation from Mississippi College she established her own freelance firm before beginning teaching middle school language arts, social studies, and mathematics at Mason Creek Middle School where she is also certified in middle grade language arts, social studies, math certification. Additionally she serves as team leader, department chair, instructional coach as well as having received her Doctorate of Education Leadership.

Professional Career

Felicia Thomas was an exceptional professional who always made her clients and colleagues feel appreciated. As a leader, she drove transformational work through business solutions and strategy for high-profile brands.

She was an animal enthusiast, raising and showing her own horses to win multiple awards at shows and fairs. Additionally, she belonged to several school organizations such as National Honor Society, Student Council and Cheerleading Squad; plus dancing lessons as well as participating in beauty pageants.

She has excelled at holding many different positions over her career and currently holds the Senior Director of Organizational Effectiveness position with Hawaiian Airlines, while serving as an active mentor for cadets as part of the Academy Minority Outreach Team (AMOT). Furthermore, she possesses extensive English and French language expertise.

Achievement and Honors

Felicia Thomas is the Women’s Basketball Coach for Kalamazoo Valley Community College and is well known for her love of animals; often taking in abandoned or sick pets and nursing them back to health. Additionally, she takes great pleasure working with plants – she keeps many thriving plants at her home!

As part of her high school experience, she participated in cheerleading, the National Honor Society and student council membership, 4-H livestock raising/showing participation as well as student council membership.

She graduated from the Coast Guard Academy with a bachelor’s degree in government. Since joining, she has served in both military and government as a commissioned officer and hopes to one day become Coast Guard Judge Advocate General – crediting mentors with helping her reach her goals.

Personal Life

Felicia was an animal enthusiast, often taking in and nursing back to health any strays she encountered. Additionally, she was an accomplished dancer; having competed and won beauty pageants as a child. Felicia graduated Commerce High School where she served as Salutatorian while being involved with National Honor Society, student council and cheerleading – winning several awards while showing animals at local, county and state fairs.

Felicia Thomas earned her Master’s Degree at Argosy University of Atlanta and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. As a dedicated member of her community, she helps individuals make positive changes in their lives.

Net Worth

The actress has achieved great success professionally and does not hesitate to showcase it publicly. However, she prefers keeping her personal life out of public view and does not reveal much regarding her relationships or statuses.

She is a dedicated Christian who travels worldwide for ministry work. In addition, she is known as an attractive beauty who has won several accolades for her beauty.

She is estimated to have an estimated net worth of approximately $1.5 Million and currently resides in a spacious mansion in Calabasas with two-story foyer, theater room and main suite. In the last three months she made no insider trading transactions but currently owns 14,745 units of Floor & Decor Holdings Inc stock worth an estimated total of approximately $1.06M.

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