Fenty Boxers

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Boxers

Rihanna teased a Valentine’s Day collection recently with her lingerie line Savage x Fenty. In an Instagram post, Rihanna posed in an all black set while tagging the lingerie brand. The boxers quickly sold out and Rihanna has teased more Valentine’s Day sets. The singer teased a new collection with red lace and latex, as well as a brand-new lingerie ad.

The brand also has a men’s line of boxers called Savage X Fenty. These briefs are made of cotton and are designed to give you a comfortable fit. The 90s-inspired waistband brings a fun flair to the classic silhouette. These waistbands are available in white or black and will make you feel like an aspiring supermodel.

Rihanna’s latest collection is a combination of creativity and visuals. The runway show for Savage x Fenty Volume 3 will be streamed via Amazon Prime Video on October 2. This show features models, lingerie, and more. The entire event will also feature live performances by Lizzo, Bad Bunny, Miguel, and more. Gigi Hadid will also be there, so you can be certain she’ll be wearing the brand’s newest products.

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