Fergus Gambon

Fergus Gambon

Fergus Gambon, a Scottish actor, has appeared in many films and television shows. He has acted in both American and British films. He has also acted in a television adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s Endgame and in the film Perfect Strangers. The Washington Post praised his performance as President Lyndon B. Johnson in the HBO miniseries Path to War. His performance earned him an Emmy and Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actor.

Gambon started his career as an actor on the stage and appeared in many films in the 1960s. He was a part of the 1965 drama Othello alongside Laurence Olivier. Later, he starred alongside Maggie Smith in the film The Cook, the Thief, and His Wife, Her Lover. He auditioned in 1970 for the role as James Bond. The role was offered to Gambon and he was cast in the role. His career grew and he was cast in many British drama and horror films. He also appeared in the film Being Julia, and the Stephen King biopic The Life Aquatic.

Gambon is an actor and a collector. Gambon is an avid collector of antiques, as well as glass and ceramics. He is also a regular guest on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow. He is half-sibling to William and Michael. He is passionate about antiques and has his own museum in London dedicated to them.

Fergus Gambon’s greatest find on the Antiques Roadshow was a dollhouse that dates back to 1705. This dollhouse was inherited by the family of the late Miss Westbrook, and the descendant brought it to the show to be valued. The dolls in this dollhouse were worth as much as 200,000 pounds, which is a staggering amount of money.

Aside from his acting work, the actor has also been an award-winning television actor. He won the British Academy Television Award for his role as the French detective Inspector Jules Maigret in the ITV adaptation of twelve Georges Simenon books. He also starred in the BBC Radio 3 production Betrayal as Jerry. He has also appeared in a number of British TV series and plays, including Wives and Daughters.

Fergus Gambon is the Head of British Ceramics and Glass at Bonhams. He has a special interest in British and Welsh porcelain. His expertise has resulted in many landmark sales and catalogs. He has also lectured extensively. And as a result, he is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on Welsh ceramics. He owns a large collection of British ceramics, as well as glass.

Gambon’s greatest achievement is Hamm. His role in the play ended up earning him the title of ‘The Great Gambon.’ This role fulfilled his lifelong ambition of playing the character of Falstaff. He has also co-starred with Matthew Macfadyen as Prince Hal in the Shakespearean play Henry IV, Parts I and II.

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