Four’s Tattoos In Divergent

Divergent Tattoos – Four’s Tattoos in the Divergent Movie Series

The most popular tattoos among Divergent fans are those of the Four faction. The books have been a hit for years and inspired a movie franchise. Fans were elated by the film adaptation of the book, which was a huge success. Fans of Theo James, who plays the character of Four, have even claimed to get the faction’s tattoos as temporary body art.

Divergent’s tattoos have a huge following worldwide. Although they look simple, it is important to have a professional artist to ensure that the lines are straight and the design is correctly placed. Brad Wilder created the tattoos on Theo James. He worked with three other makeup artists for three hours to create the look.

Tattoos are also popular with the citizens of the “Divergent” society. The society’s four factions are distinguished by their love of tattoos, death-defying leaps, as well as tattoos. In addition to the tattoos, director Neil Burger and producer Andy Nicholson worked together to design a “bible of the future” that would explain the visuals that are not discussed in the book series. The tattoos had also to be simple enough to fit the isolated society.

The raven is one of the most famous Divergent tattoos. It is a tattoo of a bird placed on the collarbone. The ravens are flying down the shoulder toward the heart, and are said to be a tribute to family. This particular tattoo also goes against the faction’s motto, “blood before faction.”

Many fans of the Divergent movie series have gotten them as tattoos. The tattoos featured in Divergent vary in size, style, meaning, and purpose. They vary in size from small to large, and each one has a unique meaning. If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo, this is a great opportunity for you!

The tattoos of the Divergent characters include four that represent their faction. For example, the Dauntless have tattoos depicting flames. This tattoo symbolizes bravery and courage. The Dauntless group is the strongest of the five factions. It emphasizes strength and courage. They attribute their genetic impurity to fear.

The film’s cast includes Shailene Woodley and Theo James. Kate Winslet, Ashley Judd and Theo James are also included. It also features Mekhi Phifer and Tony Goldwyn. Based on an Evan Daugherty screenplay, Neil Burger directs the movie. It will open in the US and UK on 21 March.

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