Frederic Mishkin

Frederic Mishkin

Mishkin is widely respected as an expert in monetary policy, combining theory with empirical evidence in his approach. He has taught extensively and served as an adviser to central banks worldwide.

Mishkin has an immense love of folk music – “Woody Guthrie’s children,” as Seeger put it – and will teach OLLI students about Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton and Phil Ochs.

Early Life and Education

At first, Mishkin found himself working as an ophthalmologist; he practiced for 45 years in Elizabeth, New Jersey before teaching at various colleges and universities across New England. Additionally, he belonged to Phi Psi fraternity and graduated cum laude in classics.

From 1991 to 1999, Mishkin served as Alfred Lerner Professor of Banking and Financial Institutions at Columbia University and also served on its Board of Governors as well as being elected to be on its Federal Reserve System Board of Governors.

Mishkin was an internationally-recognized expert in international monetary policy and research associate of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. As an advisor and consultant to World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and numerous central banks worldwide. Mishkin served on Economic Policy Review’s Editorial Board as well as editorial boards of other journals.

Achievement and Honors

Mishkin graduated magna cum laude this spring from KSU’s Journey Honors College with high distinction, crediting music as a source of relief in his busy life. Specializing in collaborative piano — playing alongside vocalists or instrumentalists — Mishkin became the first Kennesaw State piano major ever accepted into AIMS according to senior lecturer of music Judith Cole.

Mishkin’s OLLI course explores folk songs post-Woody Guthrie. He considers Pete Seeger, deceased since 2012, “the father of modern folk song,” yet also holds high regard for Joan Baez and Phil Ochs as great writers of modern folk song. Mishkin will study their songs as well as those by other musicians taking up protest and environmental protection causes; 10 great songs will be covered during his class.

Personal Life

Mishkin has not only worked on behalf of political candidates, but has also served as an economic consultant for the Federal Reserve System. In this capacity he wrote multiple books and articles for professional journals like American Economic Review where he also served on its editorial board; additionally he provided his expertise as a consultant to World Bank and other central banks around the globe.

Mishkin and his wife Susan Ellen Fine attend B’nai Jeshurun synagogue in Manhattan. He is an active Democrat; is interested in civil rights; has donated to organizations like NAACP; has two children with Susan Ellen Fine; enjoys traveling and reading; favors folk/blues music as his favorite form of expression; deeply admires Pete Seeger whom he considers underrated; enjoys traveling with them and is always eager to visit new places with family or friends; currently serves on B’nai Jeshurun synagogue in Manhattan

Net Worth

Frederic Mishkin has amassed an estimated net worth between $1-$9 Million through his primary career as a Politician.

He is married to Rebecca Robinovitch since 1940 and has one child: Nathan Mishkin. Additionally, Yetta Mishkin and three others form his immediate family.

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