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Fredrik Reinfeldt Net Worth – Economist and Politician

Fredrik Reinfeldt has dedicated over 25 years of his life and career to Swedish and international politics. After joining the Moderate Youth League in 1983, he ultimately rose through its ranks to become Chairman in 1992.

After leaving politics behind him, he now lectures and advises companies on how to be successful in an ever-evolving global environment. Additionally, he is an accomplished author.

Early Life and Education

Fredrik Reinfeldt was raised in Osterhaninge, Stockholm County, Sweden in a single-family home. Starting out as a basketball player, student politics, amateur theatre (particularly farces) participation, political debates and becoming an accomplished speaker are just a few things he enjoyed during his childhood years.

At 18, he joined the Moderate Youth League and quickly established himself as a leading member. Later, he earned a degree in Business and Economics (_sv. civilekonomexamen).

Reinfeldt served on the European Council for eight years and as its President for six months, giving lectures on governance, leadership and political reform worldwide. From 2006 to 2014 he served as Prime Minister of Sweden; since then he has left political life altogether and now acts as Chairman for Centrum for AMP.

Professional Career

Fredrik Reinfeldt boasts an impressive political and economic resume. As Prime Minister of Sweden from 2006 to 2014 and leader of the Moderate Party at the same time.

He is an esteemed speaker on global politics and business issues, authoring several books as well. Additionally, he serves as board member of the World Economic Forum as well as sitting on several committees.

Reinfeldt has a deep commitment to his community, which led to him founding EITI, a nonprofit organization working with governments, oil, gas and mining companies as well as lecturers in order to promote transparency regarding natural resource. Currently serving as senior advisor and lecturer with EITI he was appointed chairman in 2016. Additionally he sits on both Houston Texans and Denver Broncos Boards of Directors.

Achievement and Honors

Reinfeldt implemented an employment-boosting policy known as “arbetslinjen”, designed to get more people working. Furthermore, he oversaw Sweden’s rebound from its late 2000s financial crisis and recession to form one of Europe’s strongest public finances.

As a moderate conservative, he is widely recognized for transforming the Moderate Party from right-wing to centrist in image and bringing three centre-right allies together under his guidance into an Alliance for Sweden coalition.

After being defeated in the 2014 election, he stepped down both as Prime Minister of Sweden and leader of the Moderate Party. Instead, he now acts as an advisor and lecturer, sharing his extensive knowledge on economics and governance to audiences worldwide. Additionally, he serves as chairman of Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative which works towards encouraging good governance practices within oil, gas and mining sectors.

Personal Life

Reinfeldt has always shown hard work throughout his life. Starting as a three-year-old clothing model and later helping pay his tuition by working as a night watchman, Reinfeldt eventually earned a living as a political writer using entertaining revues and cabaret shows as platforms to send up politicians.

In 2006, he spearheaded the formation of the Alliance for Sweden coalition between centre-right parties and Social Democrats against each other. Following financial difficulties during 2008-9 and subsequent economic rebound in 2010, his popularity declined; yet, in 2010 when Sweden emerged as one of Europe’s strongest economies he was reelected as prime minister.

Reinfeldt hopes that, as prime minister, his actions will make creating jobs easier while cutting taxes and welfare benefits as well as selling state stakes in key Swedish companies more quickly. Furthermore, during Sweden’s six-month EU presidency he hopes to strengthen it further still.

Net Worth

Fredrik Reinfeldt currently boasts an estimated net worth of $1 Million dollars, having made this amount as an Economist and Politician over his 58 year long career in politics.

He successfully revamped the Moderate Party and led Sweden through its financial crisis. Furthermore, he is an expert in leadership, economics and European politics; active speaker on these subjects with numerous lectures giving lectures.

He achieved this success through uniting four parties from the center-right coalition: Moderate Party, Centre Party, Liberal People’s Party and Christian Democrats. This coalition proved instrumental in helping Sweden evade recession during his term in power; his approval ratings remained consistently high due to his hardworking nature and commitment to his job.

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