Fresno Shootings

Fresno Shootings

The April 18, 2017 shooting spree left three white people dead. The suspect was Kori Ali Muhammad, a black supremacist. He was later convicted of four murders and four attempted murders. After the shooting spree, the suspect pleaded guilty to a string of murder and attempted murder charges.

The shooting took place in a backyard where 30 people were gathered to watch a football game. Upon entering the backyard, the suspects opened fire on 16 men. Police believe that the shooting was in retaliation to Randy Xiong’s earlier shooting. Police also found a modified Glock 9mm handgun and two magazines that they believe were used in the shooting.

The suspects fled on foot. After the shooting, police said they had several leads to identify them. A police press conference was held at 11 a.m. on Monday. According to police, the suspects were carrying large bags and were armed with semiautomatic guns. A police deputy chief said the group had been at a party when the shooting took place.

Two shooters entered the backyard and set fire to the house. Several people were killed and more were injured. Authorities believe the shooting was a targeted attack on the Hmong community, but are still seeking the perpetrators. Police are establishing a gang task force to investigate these incidents.

According to the Fresno Bee police responded to a shooting in the early morning near Belmont Avenue & Abby Street. The deceased were two black men, while the wounded were two women. All of the victims were adults. No children were found at the home. Homicide detectives are investigating the case.

Kori Ali Muhammad, 39 is the suspect in Fresno’s shooting spree. He had already been under a manhunt for the death of an unarmed security guard, Carl Williams. Despite his prior arrest, he is still suspected of killing at least three others and injuring at most one more. Police were alerted to the shooting after a gunshot detection system picked up the sound.

Muhammad was charged with the 25-year-old murder of Carl Williams. He reportedly told police that he shot Williams because he felt disrespected. He also shot into a PG&E truck. Eventually, Muhammad was convicted of four murders and four attempted murders.

Residents in Fresno are worried and terrified after several shootings. Residents on one street say the shootings have become a trend in their neighborhood over the past few weeks. Calvin Gatison, a resident of a street with single-family homes, said that neighbors often host backyard parties and grandfathers spend weekends with their grandchildren. Police have not identified the suspects yet, but they are looking for them.

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