Freya St. Johnston

Is Liam Neeson Still Dating Freya St Johnston?

Freya St Johnston is a British businesswoman, publicist and mother of two. She first gained fame from her relationship with actor Liam Neeson. Before the relationship, she was married to Matthew Winton. St Johnston is 48 years old and is no longer in a relationship with the Taken actor.

After meeting in a fancy London restaurant, Liam and Freya St. Johnston have been together since 2010. The two eventually split after a few years. Despite their breakup, fans of the pair are still curious about the relationship.

While she has some similarities to Natasha Richardson’s, they are completely different women. While the actresses have both worked for the same company and have two children, their personalities are quite different. Although they both look similar, Freya is 37 years old and a PR executive.

While Liam and Freya are dating, they have been shooting Third Person together for a year and a half. In that time, Liam has been playing his Taken character over again. He is a natural at the role and does it with dignity, grace, and grace.

Despite Liam Neeson’s recent split with Natasha Richardson, the actor is cautiously entering the dating pool. Freya St.Johnston, a PR executive from Ireland, has been with the Irish actor for approximately 10 months. They first met in the film industry and looked very happy together in St Tropez. The couple has two children together and are reportedly dating for the second time.

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