G Craige Lewis Net Worth

G Craige Lewis was born on 19 July 1969 in Fort Worth, Texas, United States and is well-known as an evangelical pastor, life coach and author. His controversial messages make him one of the most talked about speakers today.

He claims that Afrika Bambaataa and KRS-One founded hip-hop as a religion with an occult connection. Even though many of his claims have been disproved, he continues to draw large audiences and sell thousands of DVDs.

Early Life and Education

G. Craigie Lewis was born on 19 July 1969 in Fort Worth, Texas United States and is best known as an influential Pastor who leads Adamant Believers Council as well as traveling worldwide with EX Ministries to speak out against hip-hop culture. His estimated net worth ranges between $1 and $5 Million dollars.

He’s carrying a message so dangerous it could get him killed: that rap, rock and hip hop have polluted the church and are leading millions of young people down a path toward Hell.

Lewis calls himself a self-appointed “crusader against immorality” and claims to have received death threats from both members of the 5 Percenters (an offshoot of Nation of Islam) and underground Christian rappers. Detractors claim his motivation lies more with money or that he’s just jealous of Kirk Franklin’s success, respectively.

Professional Career

G. Craige Lewis is an influential Pastor who was born July 19, 1969 in the United States. At 54 years of age he has an estimated net worth between $1 and $5 Million earned through being an extremely popular Celebrity.

Lewis is the pastor at Adamant Believers Council in North Richland Hills and travels throughout the world preaching against hip hop culture and making controversial documentaries such as God and Rap on its harmful effects.

Lewis keeps his personal and romantic life private and has not revealed much information regarding his dating history or current relationship status; it is presumed he is currently single; this section will be updated as new details become available. Lewis owns a black dog named Lilly.

Achievement and Honors

G craige lewis has amassed an estimated net worth between $1 Million – $5 Million thanks to his career as a Pastor.

He enjoys an amicable relationship with his family. However, he prefers keeping his personal life private and does not discuss relationships openly.

G. Craigie Lewis was born 19 July 1969 in Fort Worth, Texas, United States and is well known for his roles on Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (2004) and The Powerpuff Girls: ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas (2003). Additionally he hosts radio show Adamant Believers Council along with wife Christy as host and travels the world speaking against hip hop culture he also has one son and one daughter of his own.

Personal Life

G. Craige Lewis was born July 19, 1969 in United States and works as a Pastor by profession. We compiled all the details about him including his net worth, wiki page, bio page, age information, height information and weight information as well as family, affairs, car ownership information and salary figures relating to him.

He prefers to keep his personal life under wraps and currently does not date anyone; his focus lies entirely on his career development.

He is known to possess an amusing sense of humor and often jokes with his friends, exuding positivity about life as an inspiration to many others. Hardworking to the core, he strives to meet his goals with diligence – this strong work ethic has enabled him to amass an impressive net worth.

Net Worth

G. Craig Lewis was born in Fort Worth on 19 July 1969 and currently works as a Pastor, Evangelist, Life Coach, Author and Public Speaker with an estimated networth estimated at over $1.5 Million.

Lewis prefers to keep his personal and romantic life under wraps; currently he is unattached and not dating anyone; we will update this page if he changes his status any time soon.

G Craige Lewis currently boasts an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million according to various sources, which was earned from his primary career as a Celebrity. Please be aware that income figures displayed here are estimates based on social media data, while his actual salary may differ significantly from these projections; for more details please visit his Official website.

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