G Signs

The letter G is associated with mysticism, occultism, and spirituality. Your character tends to be strong-willed yet self-directed – yet at times need time for meditation and contemplation.

But unlike its cousin c, which can have both hard and soft pronunciations, g is inconveniently incapable of being represented with digraphs that reliably indicate soft sounds; thus posing significant challenges to orthography.

Achievement and Honors

Honor is the recognition of character and actions, while achievement measures success. While these two terms are often linked, their meaning and value vary considerably: honor is a moral principle which guides individuals’ conduct with others while achievement can include external validation such as earning a degree or winning an award. While in certain instances these terms may need to be used interchangeably, generally understanding their distinction will help ensure your message reaches its intended recipient more efficiently.

Avoid using honor and achievement interchangeably as this could mislead and confound your audience. Honor should refer to recognition for values and character while achievement should describe accomplishments.

Personal Life

The G symbol (commonly known as a circled capital letter G) can be used as an abbreviated form of “good.” You might see it in product reviews or video game ratings; casual conversations; online messaging to indicate agreement; and some people even use it to identify themselves as gay or lesbian.

To create the G sign, make a fist with your dominant hand with all knuckles lined up vertically, index finger and thumb protrusion parallel with each other and index finger extended out parallel with thumb protrusion.

Net Worth

Net worth is a simple calculation that shows the relationship between debts and assets, such as cash savings or investments, home values or any other valuables you possess and any debts owed.

An individual should ideally monitor their net worth on an ongoing basis. To calculate net worth, start by listing all assets including money market accounts, retirement accounts and investment accounts; home, car or any other items which could be sold for cash; then list liabilities such as credit card debt, mortgages or auto loans owed to you.

Positive net worths can be attained by saving more, paying down debt more effectively and investing wisely. People from all income levels can work toward building positive net worths by saving more, paying down debt more effectively and investing wisely.

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