Genevieve Gorder Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Genevieve Gorder

Aside from her role on the popular interior design show Trading Spaces, Genevieve Gorder has a plethora of other professional endeavors that have earned her a well-deserved reputation as a bona fide design and decorator. Her signature style includes global and mid-century pieces accompanied by a dash of sexiness. She is an HGTV personality and the owner of a multi-bedroom condo in the Chelsea area of Manhattan. In fact, she recently made an upgrade to a mirror-like apartment next door.

As a designer, Gorder has worked on projects with companies such as Capel and Tempaper. She has also designed rugs with the latter and produced several high-end winter themed collections for Scotties. She has also been a spokesperson for Fiber One and the Land of Nod. Despite her busy schedule, she manages to find time to partake in some video game playing and mid-day naps. However, her favorite pastime is undoubtedly her family. This is apparent from the photos of her and Christian Dunbar enjoying themselves while in Marrakech for their engagement celebration.

Interestingly, Gorder has not been shy about her health woes. She was diagnosed with Lyme disease and Hashimoto’s, both of which are autoimmune conditions that attack the thyroid and immune system. While the former is easy to deal with through a diet of gluten-free products and exercise, the latter proved to be a more difficult feat. Fortunately, she has a very supportive network of friends and family, and is now reclaiming her health with the help of Covid-19. Although she is not as fit as she used to be, she has never once let her health stand in her way of her dreams.

The best part is that she is still in it for the long haul. Not only is she an expert at redesigning interiors for a living, she has a daughter, Bebelle, to play with. But despite her busy schedule, she found time to redesign her home, which she opened to the public in 2014. Indeed, she is a multi-talented designer who is on a mission to make the world a more beautiful place.

Although she is not the first celebrity to undergo plastic surgery, she certainly ranks among the best. And her new look is a work of art in its own right. From her sleek, sleek home to her fake boobs to her signature design style, Gorder is certainly one to watch. If she continues to show her true colors and keep her fans happy, we might even see her make a comeback in the television screen. Luckily for us, her fan base is as devoted as she is talented. After all, a woman of her stature needs a nice place to relax.

In addition to her day job, she also has a side business, which she likes to refer to as her “geekery business.” Gorder’s “favorite” is definitely the ‘Stay Here’ series on Netflix. On the show, she worked with real estate expert Peter Lorimer to help VRBO and Airbnb owners redecorate their homes.

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