George Bossi

George Bossi

Bossi has had a profound effect on Massachusetts wrestling. He has coached, served as commissioner of officials, founded the Lowell Holiday Tournament and is an honorary member of both the Massachusetts Chapter and National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

His lasting legacy is his passion and devotion to helping wrestlers from all backgrounds achieve success in their sport. His coaching style has inspired generations of young men, making him the coach many consider their second father.

Early Life and Education

George Bossi, born in Brockton and raised in Milton, is currently the head coach at Lowell High School where he has coached for 26 years and is widely regarded as one of the nation’s top wrestling instructors. With this much experience under his belt, Bossi is known to be a force on the court.

His accomplishments are many, but his most lasting legacy will be the lessons he taught young athletes about striving for excellence and never giving up on their dreams. Through coaching, he created a lifelong bond with his athletes which they will always cherish.

He has had a major impact on his city by encouraging the growth of wrestling in Massachusetts and mentoring officials throughout the state. As founder and commissioner of MA Wrestling Officials Association, he dedicated many years to mentoring officials throughout Massachusetts.

Professional Career

George Bossi is renowned for his dedication and passion toward the athletes he coaches. Many of the wrestlers he has trained consider him their father and credit his tough-love approach with saving them from troubled family lives, tough streets, drugs and crime.

He has guided Lowell High School wrestling teams to 17 state titles and more than 500 dual meets. Additionally, he has served as a mentor to numerous coaches across Massachusetts and beyond.

Bossi has had a lasting impact on the sport of wrestling in Massachusetts, inspiring virtually everyone involved with our beloved sport. As coach, official, athletic director, commissioner of officials and founder of the Lowell Holiday Tournament, he has become one of our sport’s most influential voices.

Achievements and Honors

George Bossi has been coaching wrestling at Lowell High School for more than 50 years, amassing an impressive 418-67-5 record that included 44 individual state champions, 10 state championship teams and 19 New England champions.

Bossi’s statistics speak for themselves, but what truly sets him apart isn’t how many dual meets or winning streaks he achieved; it’s the impact he made on his wrestlers. Through coaching and mentorship, Bossi developed them into men with strong values and self-belief to succeed in life beyond the mats.

Bossi has extensive coaching experience as well as serving as a referee, athletic director and commissioner of officials. Additionally, he is an active member of the Massachusetts Wrestling Officials Association and founder of the Lowell Holiday Tournament.

Personal Life

George Bossi has been coaching high school wrestling in Lowell, Massachusetts for over 50 years. His commitment and enthusiasm has created lifelong bonds with his students – many of whom he considers his sons.

He is renowned for his firm yet gentle discipline style, which has proven successful in saving many wrestlers from difficult lives and difficult family circumstances.

Bossi has guided his teams to seventeen state championships and wins in over 650 dual meets.

His most remarkable accomplishment is the influence he has had on his wrestlers, molding them into men. They will always cherish the lessons he taught them.

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