George Boxley

George Boxley – Abolitionist and Indiana Native

Sheridan, Indiana recently restored a cabin built by George Boxley – an abolitionist who was accused of fomenting a slave rebellion. Now students in an anthropology class are digging beneath the earth to learn more about Boxley’s life.

Before moving to Indiana, Boxley lived in Ohio and Missouri. His aptitude for mechanics enabled him to elude bounty hunters with ease.

Early Life and Education

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Boxley was raised in Spotsylvania County, Virginia and became actively involved with anti-slavery movements. He assisted runaway slaves and even attempted to organize a slave revolt. Ultimately, Boxley managed to escape jail and relocate to Indiana.

Professional Career

George Boxley was an abolitionist and one of the earliest settlers in Adams Township, Hamilton County, Indiana. He fled Virginia after being accused of fomenting a slave rebellion and imprisoned for his efforts.

Accounts differ as to why Boxley pursued anti-slavery initiatives, but he was dedicated to organizing African Americans in Spotsylvania and neighboring Louisa and Orange Counties. It is possible that his efforts were intended either to assist slaves with escape or mount armed campaigns to free them.

Boxley managed to escape his jail cell using a spring, with the help of Hannah Smuggled into his cell. After 12 years on the run, he and his family finally settled near present-day Sheridan.

Achievements and Honors

Boxley was an anti-slavery abolitionist who fled Spotsylvania County, Virginia after being accused of fomenting a slave rebellion. His wife smuggled in a saw into jail cell and allowed him to escape with her family as they flew north.

He eventually relocated to Indiana, eventually settling near present-day Sheridan. His cabin homestead has since been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

He was an ardent supporter of individual liberty and earned notoriety for his public speeches against slavery. Ultimately, his anti-slavery views persuaded Indiana’s government to abolish slavery there.

Personal Life

George Boxley was a man of strong character and religious convictions. He enjoyed reading avidly and strongly believed in the value of education for all people.

He was an enthusiastic supporter of abolitionist causes. He frequently delivered speeches regarding slavery’s evils and its detrimental effect on society and economy.

On a cold winter evening in March 1814, two runaway slaves came to Boxley’s home seeking assistance. These slaves had fled from a nearby plantation where they had endured harsh conditions.

Due to this encounter, local authorities imprisoned Boxley in Spotsylvania jail on charges of aiding runaways to escape. Despite his protestations of innocence, Boxley spent over two years behind bars.

Net Worth

George Boxley was a merchant storekeeper and miller who became deeply committed to abolitionism. In 1815, he was arrested and sentenced to death for aiding in the suppression of a slave revolt in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

He fled and settled in Adams Township, Hamilton County, Indiana as an ardent abolitionist who operated a major stop on the pre-Civil War Underground Railroad.

His daughter Lora Morgan, a teacher, and son George Morgan Jr., an abutcher, have all contributed to his net worth. Additionally, he boasts 1 million Instagram followers.

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