George Bradham

George Bradham – Founder of Pepsi-Cola

George Bradham, founder of Pepsi-Cola in 1872 and renowned pharmacist, was born in 1872 and an active Shriner and supporter of the University of North Carolina School of Pharmacy.

Bradham had a prosperous business, yet his life also presented many obstacles. For instance, during World War I, sugar rationing caused an abrupt decrease in production and sales.

Early Life and Education

Bradham was born in Chinquapin, Duplin County, North Carolina and later attended the University of North Carolina with aspirations of becoming a doctor.

After graduation, he attended the University of Maryland School of Medicine; however, due to financial issues he was forced to withdraw due to ineligibility.

Although his dream of becoming a doctor never materialized, Bradham never lost his fascination with healthcare. Instead, he chose to become a pharmacist.

After graduating, Bradham opened Bradham’s Pharmacy in New Bern, North Carolina. Locals loved visiting his store and paying a nickel to listen to an up-to-date jukebox playing music.

Professional Career

Caleb Bradham, born in Chinquapin, North Carolina, initially attended the University of North Carolina before continuing on to the University of Maryland School of Medicine with hopes of becoming a doctor. Unfortunately, family issues prevented him from finishing his studies and he returned home to New Bern.

He then pursued a career as a pharmacy apprentice and opened his own drug store in New Bern, NC. His friends would gather around his soda fountain to enjoy homemade soft drinks he’d made.

He ran a bank and served as county commissioner. He married Charity Credle and had three children: Mary Bradham, Caleb Darnell and George Washington.

Achievements and Honors

Caleb Bradham achieved success with his beverage company, Pepsi, but he also made significant contributions to New Bern as a Shriner and bank officer. Additionally, he co-founded the North Carolina Naval Militia and was part of the Rotary Club.

He was honored with the Order of the Palmetto and named Man of the Year. Additionally, he served his community as both a public servant and friend of education.

Through his career, he demonstrated strong leadership qualities and a concern for others. In addition to his work at Pepsi, he donated an annual scholarship prize at the University of North Carolina School of Pharmacy, was a Shrine Grand Master, and held numerous charity events in and around New Bern. Furthermore, he served as rear admiral in the North Carolina Naval Reserve.

Personal Life

George Bradham was an innovative pharmacist and pioneer in the soft drink industry. His creation, Pepsi, became a global phenomenon that had an immense effect on society.

He was born on May 27, 1867 in Chinquapin, North Carolina of English and Scotch-Irish descent and studied medicine during college. Ultimately, he went on to become a pharmacist.

Due to his father’s bankruptcy, he was ultimately forced to drop out of school. To pay his bills and support himself and his family, he worked as a pharmacy apprentice.

He then returned to his hometown and opened The Bradham Drug Company, a drug store where people could come together and enjoy some quality time together.

Net Worth

George Bradham boasts a net worth of $5 million dollars. He is best known as the founder of Pepsi-Cola in 1898 and follows Life Path Number 9; this means that he seeks out new experiences and educational opportunities with eagerness.

He has three children: Mary, Caleb Jr. and George with wife Charity Credle; he’s been in business since 15 years old but his life hasn’t always been smooth sailing. In fact, he’s faced numerous criminal charges throughout his career such as drug possession and carrying a weapon at an airport which may have negatively impacted his net worth. Furthermore, it appears unlikely he’ll play football again before turning 33 years old in 2021 when another NFL team may need his services again.

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