George Crowley

George Crowley

George Crowley is an American entrepreneur renowned for his involvement in the creation of start-ups throughout Latin America and Central Europe. With over three decades of expertise in technology and wireless businesses, George is considered a go-to expert when it comes to planning and executing growth strategies for businesses.

Early Life and Education

George Crowley’s outlandish lifestyle, demonic magic and homosexuality made him a controversial figure. He accepted rumors of child murder and Satanism, founded an organization which opposed dominant religions like Christianity and even wrote fiction about supernatural demons.

Despite these controversy, he became one of the most influential writers in the occult world. He penned numerous works such as The Book of the Dead and Satanic Bible.

He wrote poetry and some famous novels, was an accomplished poet, and amassed an extensive library. Additionally, he published a tarot card deck and demonstrated magic skills with ease. His works became widely read throughout Thelema – a secret society founded by Crowley that continues to this day – with many practitioners following in his footsteps.

Professional Career

Crowley had a brief professional baseball career in 1973 when the Baltimore Orioles selected him to be their designated hitter. He played an integral part in their first-ever World Series victory versus the Pittsburgh Pirates.

He began his career as a minor league hitting instructor for the Baltimore Orioles in 1984, and later joined the Boston Red Sox organization as well.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Purdue University (1954) and served two years in the United States Army. Since then he has been active in numerous civic and professional organizations, serving 15 years on the Edina School Board, 8 years as RCM Director for Minneapolis Family & Children’s Service Board, Colonial Church Trustee & Council Member as well as being part of Edina 2nd Century Commission volunteer service.

Achievements and Honors

Crowley was an acclaimed mountaineer, occultist and the founder of Thelema. He also produced prolific writings, poems, paintings and novels.

He was born on October 12, 1875 and passed away in 1947; he is interred at Charters Towers Cemetery, Queensland.

At twenty-three, Crowley left his home and went to Cambridge University to study English literature and the classics. In addition, he began playing chess and creating verse.

In 1908, Crowley took a student named Victor Neuburg on an extraordinary journey across the Pyrenees and into Spain. Immediately, Crowley noticed Neuburg’s remarkable aptitude for Magick.

Personal Life

Crowley was a British occultist, philosopher, and ceremonial magician best known for creating Thelema: his religion that saw him as the prophet tasked with leading humanity into the AEon of Horus.

In the late 19th century, he developed an interest in occultism and joined The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn–an organization descended from Rosicrucians. On a trip to Egypt in 1904, he reported mystical experiences which spurred him on to write The Book of the Law.

After returning to England, he co-founded an esoteric order called the AA and spread Thelema. He was a major figure in Western esotericism as well as counterculture during the 1960s. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1947.

Net Worth

He owns a large amount of oil and gas land. Furthermore, he owns the Dallas Cowboys franchise as well as being an active Salvation Army donor.

Crowley also owns First Class, a small business that specializes in custom printing. Aside from his real estate and energy investments, Crowley also runs several other ventures.

Despite his considerable wealth, he could never keep his personal life private. He was frequently photographed with prostitutes.

He had many friends and relatives who did not support his marriage to Crowley. Some even staged a multi-day intervention to persuade him that it was an error.

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