George Daggett

George Daggett

George Daggett was an important figure in Idaho’s development. He served in the state legislature from 1851 until 1853.

He was an entrepreneur as well. He owned a grocery store and tavern, donated land for the railroad and built a depot, and was twice married.

Early Life and Education

George Daggett was born in Wisconsin on January 14, 1847 to a farm family and received his education at home in a small log schoolhouse.

He was a strong and capable boy who had grown up working the farm. His education had prepared him well; he had an inquisitive mind that eagerly sought out knowledge about everything around him.

He relocated to Latah County in 1872 and founded the Litchfield Ledger. Later he was elected member of the Latah County legislature, holding that post with distinction and loyalty to his party. His dedication has made him a reliable and efficient legislator; always supporting Republican measures with enthusiasm. Overall, he is an exemplary citizen.

Professional Career

George Daggett is widely credited with turning Sussex County prosecutor’s office into a top-notch law enforcement organization. Additionally, he played an instrumental role in building the Sussex County Courthouse in Basking Ridge.

His professional life was filled with both highs and lows. Aside from his work as a trial lawyer, Daggett was also a devoted father and husband, an enthusiastic supporter of public education in all forms. He proudly supported Sussex County Police Department and school system alike, serving on multiple local/regional boards of directors. Furthermore, he received numerous prestigious awards including the highest honor in law for his contributions to public safety.

Achievements and Honors

George Daggett, a trial lawyer, has handled cases ranging from murder to parking tickets and employment law to zoning regulations. He is remembered for his sense of humor and professionalism in courtroom settings alike.

He had been a longstanding member of JPAC, known for his sharp wit. Additionally, he served as master of ceremonies at several judge retirement ceremonies and is an ex-Bergen County assignment judge.

He earned the Frank Bailey (1885) Prize, awarded annually to a senior who has rendered exceptional service to the College in any field. As an interdisciplinary major in political science and history with minors in Spanish/Hispanic Studies and political economy, his service to his alma mater has been recognized.

Personal Life

George Daggett was a highly esteemed member of his community. A passionate Christian and active participant in the Methodist Episcopal Church, his legacy lives on today.

He and his wife Fawn had two daughters. Their business, Daggett Funeral Homes, flourished due to their dedication to serving the people in their community and compassion for those less fortunate.

He has been a staunch Republican his entire life, serving Latah County in the Idaho state legislature with distinction. A true friend to his fellow citizens, he has never wavered in advocating for their party’s principles or agenda.

Net Worth

George Daggett is an actor whose credits include numerous films and television shows. With an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars, Daggett enjoys a comfortable lifestyle.

He was raised in Fort Washington, Maryland and now resides with his wife and three children. Additionally, he is an ardent supporter of Black Lives Matter.

His net worth is primarily the result of real estate investments. He owns multiple properties throughout Colorado, Washington and Arkansas.

He owns a home in Boston that is worth over $2.1 million, and is also part of the Harvard Business School Alumni Club.

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