George Dargis

George Dargis Was Convicted of Second-Degree Murder

George Dargis of Mandeville, Louisiana was sentenced to life in prison for the death of his estranged wife. He was found guilty of second-degree murder as well as various burglary charges.

On Saturday morning, deputies reported finding Julie Dargis deceased at her home. Additionally, they learned Dargis had been wanted in connection with several business burglaries.

Early Life and Education

Dargis was a painter and filmmaker born in Reivyciai, Lithuania in 1909. After moving to Rochester, New York in 1951, he began teaching classes and became active within his community by working with organizations such as the Lithuanian-American Museum and Rochester Public Schools.

The artist used color, composition, and technique to craft abstract visions that drew inspiration from Lithuanian folk art, African sculpture, prehistoric cave paintings, as well as modernist styles like Pablo Picasso’s and Joan Miro’s.

Dargis tragically lost his wife Julie in December 2017, followed by his crimes of second-degree murder and burglary. Convicted of these offenses and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, Dargis also received two years for possession of a schedule 2 drug, 10 years for aggravated flight from an officer, 15 years for aggravated obstruction of a highway and 6 years for unauthorized entry into a business.

Professional Career

George Dargis has been a writer, director, and producer for decades. His credits include To Be a Black Man: his first short film; Elevating the Game: Black Men and Basketball; as well as several books that explore this intersection of culture.

He also executive produced the HBO film Everyday People, released in 2004. Additionally to his writing career, he has directed numerous commercials for brands like McDonald’s and Ford.

Dargis has an extensive criminal history that includes burglary, theft, battery, drug possession and other traffic violations. Recently he was indicted by a St. Tammany Parish jury on second-degree murder, aggravated flight from an officer, obstruction of a highway, unauthorized entry into a business and three counts of simple burglary. For his crimes he was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for the murder as well as 70 years behind bars for all other offenses.

Achievements and Honors

George Dargis is an actor with a diverse resume, having appeared in films such as Zodiac, Gran Torino and Shutter Island.

He has directed films such as Life Support, featuring Queen Latifah, and has featured on other television series. For his work, he has received multiple awards and nominations.

In March last year, he was charged with second-degree murder, possession of a schedule II drug (Codeine), fleeing an officer, obstruction of a highway and unauthorized entry into a business. For his crimes, he received life in prison without parole and 70 years on all other counts.

Personal Life

Soon after George Dargis arrived at his estranged wife’s home after bonding out of jail, they got into an argument and police say he then cut her throat before fleeing in her rental car.

On Saturday morning, police responded to Julie Dargis’ home and discovered her dead with blunt facial injuries and a cut throat. Deputies noted that the couple had separated in November after she became aware of George’s narcotics addiction.

Shortly after her passing, George Dargis went on a crime spree, breaking into several businesses along Highway 190 from Slidell to Lacombe. Additionally, he was involved in a car crash on the Twin Span bridge connecting Slidell and New Orleans.

Net Worth

George Dargis was a convicted criminal with numerous encounters with the law. He served time in prison for burglary, theft and narcotic possession.

He was released from jail for this crime in November 2017, and showed up at his wife’s home on December 2, 2017. They had an argument, and Dargis attacked her, slit her throat, and stabbed her in the abdomen. Afterward, he fled in her rental car while robbing several businesses, according to authorities.

Julie Marange was a loving and compassionate woman who was delighted to become the stepmother of George’s two children from an earlier relationship. However, their joy soon dissipated when it was discovered he had been using narcotics. He was arrested shortly after the murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole or probation.

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