George Filenko

George Filenko, Commander of the Lake County Major Crime Task Force

George Filenko was raised in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood, where street violence and gang influence were abundant. Eventually, he joined the police force and rose to become Chief of the Round Lake Park Police Department.

Recently, he has been the focus of several high-profile investigations. He spearheaded the probe into the death of Fox Lake police Lieutenant Charles Joseph Gliniewicz and also handled the homicide case against day care worker Melissa Calusinski.

Early Life and Education

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George Filenko hails from Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood and began his police career part time as a patrol officer for Hainesville and Round Lake parks before joining the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force as an officer. Later he served as both police chief of Round Lake Park as well as its commander.

Recently, Filenko has spearheaded some of Lake County’s most notable criminal investigations, such as the homicide investigation into the death of Fox Lake Police Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz and a case against day care worker Melissa Calusinski.

Professional Career

George Filenko’s professional career has included a variety of law enforcement positions, from Round Lake Park police chief to Deerfield, Hoffman Estates and Deerfield police departments. Six years ago he assumed the top role at Lake County Major Crime Task Force.

Filenko was instrumental in several high-profile investigations during his tenure with the task force. These included cases such as Melissa Calusinski’s murder and Rhoni Reuter – girlfriend to former Chicago Bears defensive back Shaun Gayle.

The investigation into Gliniewicz’s death was a complex one. Evidence, such as incriminating texts and other records, revealed that he had embezzled thousands of dollars from the village’s Explorer program over seven years. Filenko reported that these funds were spent on mortgage payments, travel expenses, gym memberships, adult websites, cash withdrawals and loans from banks.

Achievements and Honors

George Filenko was growing up in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood when tragedy struck. At age 12, two men on his porch were shot during an apparent gang crime, and George knew it could have been him next time someone got hurt.

Filenko spent seven years with the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force, handling hundreds of homicide investigations. Some of those cases remain with him to this day.

He says one case that has remained with him forever is the murder of 5-month-old Joshua Summers in Zion, Missouri. He and his investigators spent days combing through a landfill looking for the baby’s remains; an emotionally and physically draining experience for everyone involved, according to Filenko.

Personal Life

George Filenko was raised in a Chicago neighborhood where gangs were an actual threat. It is no wonder that his police instincts were sharpened during this formative period, as well as his unwavering work ethic which became his trademark.

The former Round Lake Park officer enjoyed an extensive career in law enforcement and was appointed Commander of the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force, a position which has taken him throughout the state.

He announced his resignation on April 1, following an investigation into the shooting death of Fox Lake Police Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz in September.

Filenko has headed the task force for 11 years and been involved in more than 200 homicide investigations. During that time, he also investigated Melissa Calusinski’s case — she was found guilty of murder for the death of her toddler daughter.

Net Worth

George Filenko, the commander of the Lake County Major Crime Task Force and a Chicago police officer, has an estimated net worth of $10 million. He has served with this unit for 11 years, helping to investigate more than 200 homicide cases.

Growing up in a tough Chicago neighborhood, Filenko developed his police instincts. Living with his parents in a three-flat in Humboldt Park, he would hear shootouts and Molotov cocktails on the streets. One of Filenko’s neighbors was an officer who came over for lunch and gave Filenko “hot sheets” containing names and license plates of wanted criminals. Over time, this police neighbor became Filenko’s mentor; helping him hone his skills as a detective until earning his badge with police oversight from Chicago.

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