George Heitz

George Heitz – Sporting Director at FC Basel

Georg Heitz is an accomplished football executive, having held senior roles with FC Basel, the Swiss national team and numerous German clubs. Additionally, he has served as a consultant to various organizations.

He was appointed Sporting Director by Chicago Fire in December and will oversee all aspects of their football operations, including first-team and Chicago Fire Academy decisions.

Early Life and Education

George Heitz was a charming man who enjoyed spending time with his family. He took pleasure in watching his children play sports, driving his boat around the lake, listening to Braves games on radio or TV, and daydreaming of competing on Survivor or Amazing Race.

Heitz was an example of leadership and volunteerism, serving in several organizations. As a member of the local Sons of the American Legion, officer in his church, and leader of many youth programs, Heitz demonstrated these virtues through example.

Heitz and his wife Moira Hughes had a spacious backyard in Keizer that they used for gardening and entertaining. To create the deck they built, they transformed it into an ideal venue for weddings, parties, and other special events.

Professional Career

George Heitz has a distinguished career in football, beginning with his time as a journalist before transitioning into high-level sports management. For six years (2012-17), he served as Sporting Director at FC Basel 1893 where his duties included player transfers/contracts, academy operations, scouting and recruitment of all players, coaches and staff.

He’s collaborated with some of football’s biggest names, such as Egyptian striker Mohamed Salah. The forward began his European career at Basel before making a name for himself at Liverpool by scoring 21 goals in 23 matches last season.

When the Fire returned to Chicago amid a rebrand, Heitz was brought in as part of an ambitious roster that could compete for MLS titles. Unfortunately, Heitz and head coach Rafael Wicky are now experiencing a seven-game winless streak that has put their team on an upward trajectory.

Achievements and Honors

George was always on the go – whether singing at a church, laughing with strangers or taking vacations at theme parks, his unflappable optimism never let him miss an opportunity for something special. He loved his family and friends deeply and served as an incredible source of motivation to those around him.

He volunteered at his church and the Sons of the American Legion, serving as Scoutmaster, softball coach and board member at his homeowners association. Furthermore, he served as treasurer for Construction Ready – a nonprofit that builds housing in underserved areas of Georgia.

On August 30th, Patrolman Joseph Felicia and him were honored with an Exceptional Duty Award for their actions when they stopped a vehicle on Route 9 after observing it making an illegal U-turn. During the search, officers recovered large amounts of cash, drugs and firearms.

Personal Life

George Heitz was an ardent family man. He treasured time spent with his wife Moira Hughes and their children.

He was a tireless worker who dedicated himself to serving his community. His hobby was woodworking and fixing things – something which brought joy into his life.

In his free time, he enjoyed volunteering at his local church, the Keizer Public Library and Salem Museum. Furthermore, he found enjoyment in reading.

Heitz was born in Louisville, KY on August 18, 1960 and passed away January 22nd 2021 at 63 years of age. Survived by his wife and their two children as well as a sister and her husband, Heitz was an incredible grandfather and uncle; an incredible friend; he will be dearly missed by his family and friends alike.

Net Worth

George Heitz lived a full and rewarding life. He took pleasure in many activities such as hiking, skiing, boating, fishing and playing sports; most importantly though he treasured spending time with family and friends.

Heitz was an active member of the Sons of American Legion and held leadership roles within his church. Additionally, he served as Scoutmaster and homeowner association board member; further, Heitz volunteered at local hospitals and hospices.

Heitz was born on August 18, 1960 in Louisville, Kentucky and the oldest of four children. As the only college-educated member of his family, Heitz graduated from Bellarmine University with a degree in accounting in 1982. Additionally, Heitz served on the boards of several construction companies throughout Atlanta before passing away in 2013. Survived by his wife Angela Lynn Hutchinson Heitz and their three children, Heitz will be greatly missed by those he left behind.

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