George Parthemos

George Parthemos

George always made people feel welcome with his warm smile and generous spirit, whether he took them sailing for an afternoon sail, opened his home to family and friends or cooked a delicious barbecue meal. A mischievous soul with insightful banter that kept close friends on the edge of their seats, George always kept everyone laughing.

Early Life and Education

George Parthemos was born in Youngstown, Ohio to Peter George Parthemos and Irene Chelekis Parthemos. He earned his degrees from Culver Military Academy and Otterbein College before earning his law degree from Washington and Lee University.

He was an exceptional student who earned many honors. In addition to being an outstanding student, he worked at Lehman Brothers in New York and founded Tri-Focus Capital. Survived by his wife Cynthia, daughters Laurin (Tuathal) Parthemos and Anna Meechan, granddaughter Amelia, brother-in-law Frank, along with many nieces and nephews; please consider making a donation to the Parthemos Memorial Lecture Fund instead of flowers.

Professional Career

In his long and illustrious career as a professor at the University of Georgia, he earned many accolades. Most notable of these is winning the Parthemos Prize – an prestigious award bestowed upon only deserving students in each department of Education with majors in education or leadership. Each year one student is selected for this prize over three years with an additional substantial stipend to travel to various universities and institutions to learn more about teaching and leadership practices.

Achievements and Honors

George Parthemos was a renowned political scientist and accomplished teacher, serving as Head of the Department of Political Science and Vice President for Instruction at the University of Georgia. Additionally, he was an esteemed lecturer.

Aside from his many accomplishments, he was an incredible friend to many. Whether inviting people out on an afternoon sail, hosting a barbecue in his home or serving up delicious meals to his family members, he always made everyone feel at ease and comfortable.

He was the recipient of several awards, including the Anchor Light Trophy for outstanding participation in the New Year’s Regatta and the Ed du Moulin Trophy for his contributions to Frostbiting advancement in America.

Personal Life

George Parthemos lived a life filled with love, respect and generosity. He always made those he encountered feel at home, wearing an infectious smile that lit up any room.

He was a loving father, husband and brother who will be missed by his wife Cynthia and their two daughters; also left to mourn is his sister Stelianne and her husband James Karfes.

George Parthemos was renowned for his professional successes, as well as his dedication to education. As such, the University of Georgia now honors him with its Annual George S. Parthemos Memorial Lecture Fund, named in his honor.

Net Worth

George Parthemos has an estimated net worth of $50 million, accruing this wealth through a career in the financial industry. He began his journey at Chemical Bank and then Lehman Brothers before founding Tri-Focus Capital. Nowadays he serves as First Vice President, Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley and leads their investment team at RM Compass group.

He was renowned for his warmth and generosity. He took people sailing on afternoon sails, opened his house to relatives, and cooked delicious meals on the barbecue. Not only that, but he had a wicked sense of humor as well. Survived by his wife Cynthia; daughters Laurin (Tuathal) and Anna Meechan; granddaughter Amelia; brother-in-law Frank; plus many nieces and nephews, he will be greatly missed by those left behind.

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