George Paterson

George Paterson

George Paterson was a beloved Celtic player who many still regard as one of their all-time greats. Known for his fair play and integrity, Paterson quickly earned himself fans’ admiration and admiration.

However, there was one occasion when he got into trouble for his actions during the first half. Replays of Celtic and Rangers at Hampden in 1946 saw referee Matthew Dale issue him with a caution for his actions during that match.

Early Life and Education

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Paterson had a distinguished career in the British colonial service, serving in Tanganyika (Tanzania), Sierra Leone, Ghana and Northern Rhodesia. Additionally he practiced law and served on judges’ panels.

Professional Career

George Patterson dedicated his life to a career in law. As an accomplished attorney, he specialized in family law, civil litigation and criminal defense cases.

He served on the New Jersey Constitutional Convention of 1787, where he was part of a five-person delegation that worked to craft the document that would eventually become our nation’s Constitution.

He then relocated to France, founding PZ Cussons – one of the United Kingdom’s leading personal health care and consumer goods manufacturing firms. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1939.

Achievements and Honors

Brother George Patterson will be remembered for his lifetime of accomplishments and honors, but more importantly for his generosity. He was an ardent supporter of both Acacia Fraternity, his alma mater, and the Fraternity Foundation.

He served on the Fraternity Foundation board as Director Emeritus, and was an enthusiastic attendee of Acacia’s biennial conclaves. Furthermore, his contributions enabled the AFF to award the Patterson Scholars Scholarship.

He was also a war hero. On January 8th 1944, he was taken prisoner and disguised himself as an Italian fireman to escape into Switzerland. Later, he returned to Italy in Val Dossola area as liaison officer for partisans, leading them into several skirmishes with Germans that cemented his place among them as a legendary figure among them.

Personal Life

George Paterson was an all-around good person with a love of sports. From body surfing at Ocean Grove to throwing an impressive fast ball and having an irresistible taste in ice cream, his life was filled with adventures, friendships, and experiences that will remain timeless.

He was an accomplished author, DJ and musician whose albums on the Poco Alto Label have been highly praised. Additionally, he hosted the popular weekly radio show ‘Lost in Music’.

Net Worth

George Paterson is a Scottish writer and musician whose work has been featured in numerous publications. Additionally, his music can be heard on several independent film soundtracks.

He is also the co-founder of Poco Alto Records, where he has released numerous successful albums as well as providing musical accompaniment for numerous stage plays and radio shows.

Patterson’s net worth is estimated to be $800 million, with most of his profits coming from e-book sales and other deals. He earns an annual salary of approximately $90 million.

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