George Stoner

George Stoner

George Stoner is renowned for being the chauffeur of Alma Rattenbury. He had an affair with her and ultimately murdered her husband Francis Rattenbury.

This case was a sensational one that culminated in a double murder trial. It inspired Terence Rattigan’s Cause Celebre and was made into a film.

Early Life and Education

George Stoner was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and attended public schools until he was eleven years old.

He then joined Fred Kirby’s five-and-ten store as a stock boy, eventually moving on to become an illustrator and comic artist.

In 1930, he joined Tower Magazines, a women-and-children’s-oriented series distributed through Woolworth’s. Additionally, he began freelance work for pulp magazines.

His artwork often depicted real people and events. Additionally, he did some advertising art. Most notably, his work can be found on Detective Comics #1, Speed Saunders’ adventures, and The River Patrol.

Professional Career

George Stoner was an accomplished comic artist who created pencil art for several golden age companies. His credits include Detective Comics #1 and Speed Saunders and the River Patrol as well as many other comics.

He also worked for Tower Magazines, a women-and-childrens’ magazine distributed at Woolworth’s stores. As one of the first African-American comic artists, it is believed that he created Mr. Peanut – an iconic character featured in Peanuts comic strip series.

George Stoner was a model prisoner, and when World War II broke out in 1939, he agreed to serve in the British Army. After serving seven years, he retired to a quiet life in Bournemouth, England until his passing from Alzheimer’s disease in 2000.

Achievements and Honors

George Stoner accomplished much in his lifetime. He was an eminent long hunter who served under Daniel Boone and an associate of Simon Kenton.

He also served in several other wars, such as the Revolutionary War. He was wounded during the Battle of Blue Licks – a famous battle that occurred in Kentucky.

Alma sent a petition to the home secretary in hopes of procuring mercy for her husband, who was set for execution. With 320,000 signatures, it was ultimately accepted and his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.

Personal Life

Stoner was an unassuming, uneducated young man employed as the chauffeur for Francis Rattenbury in 1934. He soon fell deeply in love with Rattenbury’s wife Alma.

As time passed, however, he became more possessive and jealous; eventually even starting to resent Francis for being his friend.

On the weekend of 23/24 March 1935, things reached a head. Despite Alma’s assurances that she and Francis wouldn’t be sleeping together, Stoner believed they were. This angered him greatly as it could be taken as evidence that Alma and Francis were renewing their physical relationship.

Net Worth

George Stoner has amassed a considerable fortune through his success as an entrepreneur and investor. He owns numerous real estate properties as well as shares in several businesses.

George’s net worth is believed to be approximately $500 million dollars. He has invested in a variety of businesses, including cannabis firms.

His fortune has allowed him to live the high life in several countries. He owns luxurious mansions in Hawaii, California, Australia and Hong Kong.

George has built a reputation for giving back to charity work, contributing to many lives through it. This kind deed has earned him much respect from his peers and colleagues alike.

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