George Tsui

George Tsui

After two decades in the New York art scene, George Tsui embarked on a creative journey into China. He found inspiration in both the grand architecture of China’s Forbidden City and the mysterious Dun Huang cave.

Tsui has created his own distinct vision of classic romanticism, unconstrained by conventional reality. His models are always dressed in exquisite silk gowns from his personal collection of authentic imperial dresses and set amidst romantic, luxurious environments.

Early Life and Education

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George Tsui made a move from Hong Kong to New York in the late 1960s and studied oil painting at both School of Visual Arts and then Art Students League. While working for NBC, his artwork on ‘Wild Wild West’ earned him an Emmy award.

Professional Career

George Tsui began his artistic journey to China after twenty years in the New York art scene. Inspired by both the majestic architecture of Beijing and the mysterious sensual character of Dun Huang cave, George created his first group of paintings inspired by these landscapes.

Tsui’s artwork incorporates traditional painting techniques with elements of fantasy. His Fair Ladies of the Past series showcases his admiration for Chinese culture.

Tsui’s artistic talent and skill have earned him several awards throughout his career, as well as being featured in numerous publications.

Achievements and Honors

George Tsui is an eminent scientist with numerous accolades to his name. He’s a member of the American Physical Society and holds 16 honorary doctorates from esteemed universities around the world.

He is also a member of the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame and has received numerous honors, such as receiving the Warren Alpert Foundation Prize in Genetics.

He has been recognized by the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his remarkable contributions and accomplishments. Administered by the Chancellery of Honours, this award is given to Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have made a significant impact on their country, community, or Canada over its sixty year history.

Personal Life

George Tsui was born in Hong Kong and moved to New York during the late 1960s, where he studied at the School of Visual Arts before majoring in oil painting at the Art Students League. Additionally, while working for NBC, George received an Emmy Award for Best Individual Art & Craft in 1977.

After twenty years in the New York art scene, Tsui took a creative journey into China and found inspiration in the grand architecture of the Forbidden City and mysterious Dun Huang cave. These explorations resulted in his series of paintings entitled Fair Ladies of the Past which depict Chinese women in all their glory during ancient China’s golden era.

Tsui’s artwork often incorporates Chinese themes, with models wearing exquisite silk gowns from his personal collection of 20 authentic imperial dresses as they pose in romantic settings. He doesn’t pretend to depict reality; rather, he draws viewers into a fantasy realm where subtle clues to subterfuge can be easily discerned.

Net Worth

George Tsui is an acclaimed American actor and voice actor with an estimated net worth of 13 million dollars.

He is a well-known voice actor, having voiced roles on numerous television shows and films. His career highlights include Nick Stokes on CSI(Crime Scene Investigation) and Jack Dalton from MacGyver channel.

Tsui is an accomplished singer-songwriter, best known for his covers of popular songs by artists such as Taylor Swift and Adele.

He boasts a YouTube channel with over one million subscribers and generates substantial income from his videos. He’s collaborated with numerous fellow YouTubers and earned many nominations for his works.

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