George Turkson

George Turkson Models His Basketball Game After Former NBA Stars

George Turkson is a young basketball player who draws inspiration from NBA stars known for their hard work, hustle and defense. He’s an energetic forward with great motor and shot blocking skills.

He is an active participant in Mass Rivals AAU program and Bradford Christian Academy. Additionally, he achieved a 4.5 grade point average while attending Lowell High School.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood education (ECE) is essential for the development of children. This education begins during a child’s first year and continues on throughout elementary school.

Educators and parents collaborate closely to guarantee that children have positive experiences in the learning environment. Drawing inspiration from great minds like Erikson, educators use theories and techniques from his works to teach kids socially appropriate interactions with others.

National’s Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education (BAECE) program requires students to explore current research on brain development and cognition through classes. As part of their degree requirements, they also complete field experience as part of the curriculum.

Professional Career

Turkson has been an instrumental advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in academic medicine. She believes that building connections between students, trainees and physicians will strengthen efforts toward racial and gender justice.

Turkson is a student leader within the RVA Health Alliance for Social Justice and Equity, an organization comprised of healthcare practitioners who strive to address systemic racism and other social issues. Their efforts include crafting letters to local legislators on specific bills, holding virtual sessions and speaking out at public events.

He is an advocate for nonviolence. On October 7, he will give a free public lecture entitled, “Christian Nonviolence and Just Peace,” at the University of San Diego’s Kroc Institute for Peace Studies Theatre in San Diego. Afterward, he’ll participate in a daylong conference that concludes with Mass at The Immaculata Church at the University.

Achievements and Honors

George Turkson credits former NBA stars as his models for his basketball game. Furthermore, the high school student boasts a 4.5 grade point average at Lowell High School in Massachusetts.

He’s also a member of the OMI evangelizing priests order, which sends its clerics around the globe to spread the gospel and serve in missionary hospitals and schools.

One of his greatest accomplishments was leading a group of international philanthropists to create a private capital investment fund, which raised an estimated $1 billion in funds – including a $1.5 million grant from the Vatican – to help lift remote and impoverished communities out of poverty. This is truly an inspiring model of global collaboration, and we’re honored to be a part of it.

Personal Life

George Turkson spends his free time at home with his family – wife and children (a son who’s a high school sophomore and daughter who’s a junior). He draws inspiration from former NBA players known for their defense, hustle and work ethic when playing basketball.

He’s a four-star prospect with offers from Northwestern, Boston College, Brown and UMass among others. Additionally, he ranks among the top 20 players in Massachusetts and ranks as the second best player at his high school – Lowell High School.

Turkson leads the Vatican’s teaching and advocacy on issues of justice and peace, economic inequality, and global solidarity when not at work. A charismatic yet compassionate leader, Turkson strives to awaken everyone’s senses to their shared humanity.

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