George Upper

George Upper

George Michael is an award-winning songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He has released numerous albums and singles that showcase his fusion-oriented sound.

George has not only performed as a musician, but he’s also written for numerous artists and TV shows. Additionally, he produced albums featuring other musicians such as Natalie Cole.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George is an award-winning author, MIT Sloan faculty member and principal research scientist who specializes in digital technology and business transformation. His research and teaching provide senior executives with strategies for leading their organizations’ digital transformations – especially within IT – as well as how to utilize technology for greater profitability.

George has achieved many remarkable accomplishments, such as leading a world-class global marketing team at Tripadvisor and creating an impressive product and content marketing strategy. Other professional honors include authoring a New York Times bestselling book, appearing on an EUR1 Greek postage stamp, hosting an hour-long special for ABC News; founding a documentary unit for Disney Digital Platforms; and serving as president of an innovative energy company that utilizes data analytics.

Achievements and Honors

George has earned a multitude of accolades and honors throughout his professional career, such as the Lifetime Achievement Award from American College Personnel Association, Outstanding Contribution to Higher Education Award, Contribution to Literature & Research Award.

Furthermore, he has earned numerous awards from both the Music Business Association and National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences for his accomplishments and service that demonstrate excellence, character, and leadership.

George was a busy man during his free moments, touring around the world as a solo artist and producing albums for Warner Bros. labelmates Regina Belle and Marilyn Scott. Additionally, he managed to finish work on his second solo album “DUKE,” plus score another Ernest Dickerson movie called “Never Die Alone,” featuring DMX.

Personal Life

George Upper was an acclaimed writer and artist whose work has been collected by a wide range of people. His paintings have graced the covers of several books, such as Untie the Strong Woman by bestselling author Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

His paintings have been showcased in countless museums and galleries around the world. He is renowned for his realistic style and neo-expressionist approach to painting.

He has had an immense impact on a variety of artists, such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cheech Marin and Anthony Keidis from The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

George was raised in poverty and only received a fragmentary education. To support himself, he worked various jobs such as general household worker, hotel cook and farm labourer; eventually earning a high school diploma.

Net Worth

George Soros is one of the world’s most renowned and successful investors. He founded Soros Fund Management in 1973, becoming a staple in the hedge fund industry that has consistently been rated among its elite.

Hungarian-born Soros is known for his philanthropic efforts. He founded the Open Society Foundations, a global network of foundations, partners and projects that funds causes around the world.

His net worth is estimated to be $8 billion. He owns multiple hedge funds that have made successful bets against currencies and is renowned for his impeccable money management abilities.

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