Geri Eisenmenger

The Life of Geri Eisenmenger

Geri Eisenmenger has captured the imagination of many. Her distinct background makes her stand out among musicians.

She is married to Danny Elfman, an esteemed sound composer. Together they have two children named Lola and Mali – Mali is now working in film production and acting.

Early Life and Education

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She is currently married to musician Danny Elfman and they share one son named Oliver. In addition, Lola and Mali from her first marriage with deceased musician were given up at birth; Lola became an actress having appeared in films such as Do Not Disturb and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Professional Career

In 1996, she made her acting debut in Cameron Crowe’s romantic comedy Singles and three years later joined Robert De Niro, Samuel L. Jackson and Pam Grier for Quentin Tarantino’s crime-drama Jackie Brown. Following that she retired to focus on raising her family – Lola and Mali were born from her previous relationship with Danny Elfman while Oliver came into being through Bridget Fonda as her new spouse.

Elfman is an esteemed composer renowned for his groundbreaking compositions over many years. Along with this success comes media attention for his personal life – particularly his relationships with Geri Eisenmenger and later actress Bridget Fonda; they each brought children into his life; including Lola (his eldest). Reports state he’s estimated worth as $50 Million as of 2023.

Achievement and Honors

Geri Eisenmenger is best known as the wife of Danny Elfman, an accomplished musician acclaimed for his talent. Danny’s personal life has also garnered considerable media coverage; first to Geri, and later Bridget Fonda; with two daughters from each marriage plus an award and honors received as part of each.

Personal Life

Geri Eisenmenger does not give out much personal information, preferring not to expose her entire life in order to garner some publicity. She does not like public displays of affection; therefore it can be challenging gaining information on her.

Lola and Mali from her first marriage with Danny Elfman remain her children; currently, she resides with Bridget Fonda with whom they share one son named Oliver.

Elfman recently found himself embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal after composer Nomi Abadi accused him of coercing her into participating in an indecent photoshoot and providing what Abadi believed was semen. Elfman denied these claims while living together with Nomi at their ranch house in Los Angeles which is allegedly haunted by spirits.

Net Worth

Acquiring any information regarding her net worth is difficult due to her limited release of personal details; her fans are mostly only familiar with her through her husband.

She is currently living a married life with Bridget Fonda and has one son, Oliver – step-son to Elfman’s daughters Lola and Mali from his first marriage with Geri Eisenmenger.

She is best-known for her roles in films like The Godfather Part III, Single White Female, It Could Happen to You and Jackie Brown. Additionally, she is the founder and CEO of DevelopWell, a leadership development consultancy. Additionally, she is an author and public speaker whose books include The Leadership Edge and The Art of Influence.

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