Gerry Matts

Matt James is thrilled that his mother Patty has joined The Golden Bachelor cast. To show his gratitude, the former Bachelor alum and current final rose recipient posted an adorable post featuring heart on fire emojis to Instagram in support of Patty.

Wednesday evening saw Gerry Turner take part in an exciting dating franchise spinoff geared specifically toward seniors – 22 women were present to help him search for love on this nightly show!

Early Life and Education

Born to Jerry and Peggy Matthews of Fort Worth, Texas. He was an attentive father, brother, husband, son and uncle – always placing others before himself and always prioritizing their needs over his own.

He loved working at Chicken in a Barrel and quickly developed close bonds with his coworkers, who soon felt like family to him. He was known for being extremely humorous; everyone who knew him cherished his kind, friendly personality and positive outlook on life.

Gerry was an avid listener of all forms of music, from cumbias and corridos to cumbia rap techno r&b 80s oldies foreign language music as well as comedy. His passions also included laughter therapy.

Professional Career

Gerry reached the Major Leagues as part of the Boston Red Sox’s 1995 roster and played for three months for them before going on to other parts of the country and even representing Canada internationally. A fan favorite on the show, he stunned everyone when he sent Patty home unexpectedly in week 2.

As fans, we were shocked to learn of his unexpected departure so soon.

Net Worth

Gerry Matts is one of America’s wealthiest comedians with an estimated net worth of $700 Million. Best known for his work on South Park where he earned millions, Gerry is also a writer who published a book and reaps income through syndicate and royalties income streams.

He is well-known for being contentious. Most recently, he issued an inflammatory tweet against Michael Cohen in order to intimidate him and also criticised Donald Trump for his poor record on women issues.

At home in Port Chester, NY 10573-2711 he lives with his two children. Since 1989 he has been working in the entertainment industry and his unique delivery of comedy has won him many accolades and awards.

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