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Ghost Picks – Jack – The Co-Founder and Handicapper at Ghost Picks ATS

Jack is a high school student who volunteers with Ghost Hunters. In addition, he’s an active video blogger on BOO-Tube who enjoys making video blogs about Lime Slushies. Jack’s shoulder length brown hair can sometimes get messy; his hat and sweatshirt hood cover this up quite well.

He stands out among ghost hunters by not entering the Hidden Side; and is the sole Ghost Hunter to offer a BOO-Tube channel for his ghost hunting expeditions.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Ghost Picks ATS co-founder and handicapper Jack is an up and coming veteran in sports consulting who uses modern analytic to pinpoint statistical advantages in sports.

Lorde has long relied on her guitarist for co-writing and producing many of her signature pop hits; in turn, he serves as sideman in various Canadian indie ensembles.

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Personal Life

While some fans enjoy Radio Graffiti, others find it offensive. Callers have five seconds to say whatever they please in this segment and many trolls use that time to harass Ghost on Twitter as well as call other BlogTalkRadio shows with similar calls against Ghost.

Throughout 2017, Big Smoke chain calls and Crippled Ghost trolling became more prevalent, while Pizzagate trolls also increased, though this did not always lead to Ghost raging quit.

Over June and July, remixed versions of old calls became increasingly prevalent, and Newfags often made disparaging remarks about Ghost. Also becoming widespread were Skype names with offensive or derogatory names towards him; Ghost began raging more often during Radio Graffiti segments of shows.

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