Gianluca Vacchi Trump-it

Gianluca Vacchi – Trump-It

Gianluca Vacchi returns with a new music video, Trump-It. The music video was released by Gianluca Vacchi, an Italian millionaire who often slaps models’ bottoms and jumps off of yachts. It has received more than five million views on Instagram, though some users criticized Gianluca for shaming women. The song “Trump-It” is about overcoming obstacles and winning. The video is a continuation from the singer’s previous success as he is now Amnesia’s resident DJ.

The video includes a recording of Trump speaking with Stormy Daniels just before he took office. The recording was leaked by The Washington Post. The Washington Post has now leaked the recording. Vacchi is the heir to the family-owned company IMA, which was listed on the stock market and moved into private equity.

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