Giant Jordan Shoe Box

Giant Jordan Shoe Box

This huge Jordan shoe box can hold 16 pairs of men’s 12 size sneakers. It is made from solid hardwood. It is custom built by a company called SoleBox. The box is constructed using top quality piano hinges, soft close drawer slides, and enamel-based paint. FedEx ground delivers the box within one week.

While many people will think that giant boxes are too bulky for storage, these boxes are actually very handy for storing sneakers. They can fit inside any closet and give you ample space for all your sneakers. You can store your sneakers inside and other items can be stored inside. A giant box is a great gift idea for someone who has it all.

This giant box also helps the environment. The cardboard used to make it is a recycled product, so it will last for many years. It is also waterproof, which means that it will resist scuffs and stains. Moreover, the box looks great once it’s opened. It’s also a great way for gifts to be displayed.

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