Giovanni Fortes

Giovanni Fortes – Wife of NBA Basketball Player Rashard Lewis

Giovanni Fortes is Rashard Lewis’s wife. As a loving and supportive partner in his success as an NBA basketball player, Giovanni has helped raise two children – Grayson and Gianna – along with Rashard.

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Early Life and Education

Giovanni Fortes was married to former NBA player Rashard Lewis. Together they have two daughters and a son. Fortes is an artist as well as having worked in music.

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Professional Career

Giovanni Fortes and NBA basketballer Rashard Lewis first met while both playing for Seattle Supersonics during college. Rashard earned two NBA All-Star nods during that time as well as charitable donations to numerous organizations over time. Giovanni has since joined her husband at their Seattle residence.

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Personal Life

Rashard Lewis has earned two All-Star selections during his 17 year NBA career and spent significant time playing with Seattle Supersonics, Washington Wizards and Orlando Magic before being part of Miami Heat team that won 2013 NBA Finals championship.

Rashard has managed to balance a fulfilling professional and personal life. Since 2011, he and Giovanni Fortes have been married, and together have three children.

Giovanni and Rashard first met at a college in Seattle where both attended, where they quickly began dating shortly thereafter and eventually wed in 2011.

Giovanni has two daughters named Gianna and Grayson as well as one son named Rashard Lewis Jr. She has dedicated herself fully to raising them all, with Giovanni serving as full-time mother and caregiver.

Net Worth

Rashard Lewis is a former professional basketball player from the United States. He made appearances with Seattle Supersonics, Orlando Magic and Miami Heat before becoming part of two All-Star teams for NBA.

He was selected 32nd overall in the 1998 NBA Draft by Seattle Supersonics out of Alief Elsik High School, later joining Orlando Magic alongside center Dwight Howard.

He and his wife Giovanni Fortes have three children – Grayson, Gianna and Rashard Lewis Jr – together. Married since 2011, the couple currently resides in Houston where their net worth as of 2022 stands at about $60 Million.

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