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Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus is a legendary golfer, known for having won more tournaments than any other professional player in history and becoming known as “The Golden Bear.” Additionally, he is a best-selling author, businessperson and philanthropist.

Has won 120 professional tournaments worldwide and 18 major-championship titles. Furthermore, he earned two career Grand Slams on both regular and senior tours.

Net Worth

Have you heard of Jack Nicklaus, more commonly known by his nickname – The Golden Bear? With an estimated net worth of over $400 Million dollars and over 73 PGA victories to his credit, this retired American pro golfer stands out amongst all others in sports history.

Nicklaus Design is an influential player in the business world and boasts numerous endorsement deals worldwide. They are responsible for designing over 400 golf courses globally!

Nicklaus had one of the most accomplished sporting careers ever seen, yet prize money earned from tournaments was only a small portion of his total worth due to limited sponsorship and advertising at that time which makes it harder for athletes to make as much.

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