Gordon Chang Net Worth

Gordon Chang is an eminent American author known for writing the bestseller ‘The Coming Collapse of China.’ In it he predicted the Communist Chinese Party’s (CCP) fall by 2011; additionally he is well-recognized as a writer, TV commentator and lawyer.

He has presented briefings to both the National Intelligence Council and US State Department, appeared on major news networks, written books on international relations and served on national intelligence council committees.

Early Life and Education

Gordon Chang was born in New Jersey, United States to Chinese father and American mother with Scottish ancestry. After attending Columbia High School in Maplewood for his secondary education – serving as class president during his senior year – he went on to study higher at Cornell University where he contributed columns to The Cornell Daily Sun as well as joining Quill and Dagger Society and later earning a law degree at Cornell Law School in 1976.

He is the author of several books published by Random House, such as The Coming Collapse of China and Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes on the World. Additionally, he has given briefings to both National Intelligence Council and CIA briefing sessions and appeared on major news networks.

Professional Career

Gordon Chang is an American Journalist, Author, Columnist and Political Commentator who is best known for his insightful writings on Asian affairs – especially China. He regularly provides briefings and testimony to US government agencies, and regularly appears on news networks.

Cornell University provided him with his undergraduate education, where he contributed columns to The Cornell Daily Sun and joined the Quill and Dagger Society. Later, in 1976 he earned his Juris Doctor from Cornell Law School.

He has held positions with various international law firms in China and Hong Kong, including serving as counsel to Paul Weiss in Shanghai and partner at Baker & McKenzie in Hong Kong respectively. Additionally, he served on Cornell University’s board as trustee. Finally, he is married and has one daughter.

Achievement and Honors

Gordon Chang is an American lawyer, journalist and political commentator renowned for his insightful analysis of global affairs. In particular, his Chinese studies make him highly sought after. Known as an authoritative voice on this topic, Gordon has written numerous books dedicated to China studies.

He has testified before government panels and presented briefings to both the US State Department and Central Intelligence Agency, while being featured regularly as a guest expert on major news networks and shows.

Chang served as former Director of Asian American Studies program at Stanford University and on the faculty advisory groups for multiple interdisciplinary programs. Additionally, he is a member of Stanford’s Faculty Senate – its center for academic governance – living in San Francisco with his son.

Personal Life

Gordon Chang is an American author, columnist, television commentator and lawyer best known for his writings about China and North Korea that have appeared on CNN and Fox News, as well as briefings given at National Intelligence Council meetings and Central Intelligence Agency briefings as well as testifying before US House of Representatives committees.

He has over two decades of experience working in both Mainland China and Hong Kong, most recently as counsel at Paul Weiss law firm in Shanghai and before that with Baker & McKenzie as partners there. Additionally, he is an appointed trustee at Cornell University.

He is married to Lydia Tam, with whom he shares one daughter. They reside together in New Jersey.

Net Worth

Chang has written influential pieces on global developments for many reputable publications, briefing for the National Intelligence Council, Central Intelligence Agency, State Department, and making several television news programs appearances. Additionally he serves as contributing editor at 19FortyFive International Affairs Magazine online magazine as well as being on its Advisory Board at Global Taiwan Institute.

Chang has been featured as a frequent guest on The John Batchelor Show and spoken widely across the US. Additionally, he has given talks in both Mainland China and Hong Kong; most recently as counsel at American law firm Paul Weiss Shanghai office; earlier he worked at Baker & McKenzie Hong Kong offices as partner. Lastly, he served two terms on Cornell University Trusteeship Board.

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