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Greg Pagano, Attorney at Law

Chuck Pagano evokes an electric atmosphere when coaching football, inspiring us to stay in the game and never accept defeat. His book Sidelined provides us with encouragement.

Henry M. George and Sarah Jones, associates at Pagano’s firm, are committed to their clients. They investigate cases, analyze complex issues and fight hard for results.

Early Life and Education

Greg Pagano is an attorney known for using perseverance to assist his clients in finding resolution to life-altering legal matters. However, his most valuable lesson didn’t come in court or at school – it came through life experience itself.

He spent his formative years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he first refined his trial skills working for the late Honorable Anthony J. DeFino, Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia Criminal Division Major Trials Division as his law clerk.

As lead trial counsel in numerous federal and state court cases across the United States involving capital murder, RICO violations, racketeering activities, white collar crimes, political corruption cases etc. He has successfully recovered millions for crime victims such as rape/assault victims, family members of murder victims, automobile accident victims and medical malpractice victims.

Professional Career

Pagano led the Colts to an 11-5 record and first place in the AFC South in his two seasons with them, winning their inaugural playoff game after defeating Kansas City Chiefs in a Wild Card matchup. Unfortunately, they lost to eventual Super Bowl champion Patriots later on.

Pagano went on to serve as defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens, helping create one of the finest defenses in NFL history. Pagano excelled at creating strategies which prioritize takeaways and pass rush.

Over the past 30 years, Mr. Levine has successfully represented hundreds of cases and recovered millions in civil settlements for his clients – such as an impressive wrongful death settlement against Philadelphia and Human Services on behalf of an infant who died while in their custody as well as multi-million dollar personal injury suits.

Achievement and Honors

Pagano joined ESPN before its inaugural launch as technical director and has advanced television technology ever since. He helped guide ESPN through their transition to HD and developed virtual enhancements for sports broadcasting; additionally he oversaw construction of ESPN’s first Digital Center.

Pagano has earned numerous awards for his work and is recognized as an influential figure in sports. His resilience and determination continue to serve as an inspiration. After facing cancer himself in 2012, he created CHUCKSTRONG to fight this disease head on.

His team is strong and dedicated, helping him meet his goals with excellence. His talent and grit have propelled him towards being a successful writer who continues to create engaging stories for audiences to enjoy.

Personal Life

Pagano has built an illustrious legal career specializing in criminal, civil rights and personal injury litigation. He has successfully represented thousands of cases across Pennsylvania and nationally that involved major homicides, RICO violations, racketeering/organized crime racketeering charges, white collar crimes and political corruption; recovering millions in settlements on behalf of crime victims including drunk driving accidents victims as well as sexual assault/rape victims and more.

Pagano is married to Tina, with whom they share three daughters – Tara, Taylor and Tori. The family currently resides in a suburb of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. You can gain more insight into Greg Pagano by searching Radaris; enter his name and gain access to any arrest records related to him as well as his social media profiles.

Net Worth

Pagano has built his practice on time-honored principles of hard work and dedication. He is well-known for representing individuals in criminal cases, often appearing as a guest on the Pat McAfee Show. Additionally, Pagano practices family law including divorce proceedings, child custody disputes and protection from abuse petitions.

Pagano will inherit a team with an excellent defense led by Pro Bowlers Khalil Mack, Kyle Fuller and Eddie Jackson. Chicago boasts one of the top pass rushes in the league and finished first against run this season.

Pagano not only has an impressive legal career, but also owns over 9,000 units of Watts Water Technologies stock and has made 13 trades worth over $29.8 million dollars as of 8 May 2023.

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