Greg Yuna Net Worth

Greg Yuna Net Worth – A Celebrity Jeweller

Greg Yuna, 39 years old and living in Queens New York. His fashion design business has earned him great success over his 39 years of life.

He started his jewellery business career in 2009 at his uncle’s kiosk located in Manhattan’s Diamond District. Soon thereafter, he gained attention for designing a necklace for Floyd Mayweather that earned him the moniker Mr. Flawless.

Early Life and Education

Greg Yuna is an esteemed fashion designer and jeweler who serves as owner of Chapter II. His unique pieces of jewellery have been worn by celebrities like Drake and Meek Mill. Born on 28 June 1982 and American national, he currently resides in Singapore.

He hails from Queens and began his career by working at his uncle’s kiosk in Manhattan’s Diamond District. Later he launched his own jewelry designing company; upon designing a necklace for boxer Floyd Mayweather he quickly earned the moniker Mr. Flawless and became widely-known.

He has also designed jewellery for other famous rappers such as Raekwon, Rick Ross and 50 Cent, garnering him an enormous following on social media platforms like Instagram. Furthermore, being born a Cancer himself with an impressive net worth.

Professional Career

Greg Yuna has achieved great success as a fashion designer. He boasts an immense following on Instagram and was born 28 June 1982, currently 39 years old.

He is the owner of Chapter II, an award-winning jewelry company known for their intricate designs that have amassed him thousands of followers online and several TV appearances.

New York City jeweler Greg is beloved among celebrities and the ultra-wealthy, offering everyday styles as well as statement pieces with an emphasis on clean contemporary lines. Greg learned his craft at his uncle’s kiosk in Manhattan’s Diamond District before building an impressive clientele including rappers 50 Cent and Nicki Minaj as well as Nipsey Hussle who received an elaborate black diamond Chuck Taylor sneaker pendant pendant while Drake received an unconventional rosary rosary from him.

Achievement and Honors

Greg Yuna is renowned fashion designer who has amassed great wealth. Renowned for his innovative creations and garnering the trust of people all around the world, Greg boasts a huge fan base on Tiktok, Instagram and Twitter.

Yuna is the founder of Chapter II Jewelry Company, specializing in custom pieces designed specifically to meet the needs of celebrities and athletes. He has designed pieces for rappers like Drake and Meek Mill as well as crafting an elaborate diamond rosary necklace for female rapper Yungblud.

He sports several tattoos and an impressive body. However, he prefers to keep his personal life private; currently single without children; has one tattoo on his left arm and wears a ring on his right hand;

Personal Life

Greg Yuna is an American jewelry entrepreneur known for his unique designs in hip-hop and celebrity circles. While his personal life remains private, his business success has become legendary.

Yuna hails from Queens, New York and began his professional journey by working at his uncle’s jewelry kiosk in Manhattan’s Diamond District in 2009. Later that same year he launched Chapter II, his own brand of fine jewelry.

His unique jewelry has won him clients such as Floyd Mayweather, Drake and Meek Mill – not to mention designing Ariana Grande’s engagement ring!

This social media-famous sartorialist boasts many fans on social media and is well-known for his lavish lifestyle, yet remains humble and grounded. An outstanding businessperson and father figure to his children.

Net Worth

Greg Yuna is an American jeweler and fashion designer who owns Chapter II company. His designs for high-profile figures such as Floyd Mayweather have garnered him thousands of followers on Instagram. Additionally, he has created watches specifically designed for him by creating watches as gifts.

As a native of Queens, New York City and attended Francis Lewis High School robotics program in Fresh Meadows; his uncle provided him his start in jewelry business.

Current status: single. He prefers keeping his personal life out of the spotlight, though has an extremely close-knit family which he frequently references on social media. An advocate of entrepreneurship and an active lifestyle, his creativity and craftsmanship have propelled him towards great career success.

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