Guy Takayama

Guy Takayama is an internationally acclaimed surfer, surfboard shaper and designer renowned for creating boards renowned for both performance and beauty. Due to their incredible demand, waiting lists may stretch into months.

He continues his uncle’s legacy of creating high-performance surfboards that push the limits of surfing. Yet he also devotes much of his time and efforts towards helping others and healing.

Early Life and Education

Guy Takayama hails from Southern California and was taught surfing and shaping by his father Raymond and uncle Donald. At an early age he began competing competitively, winning multiple championships throughout both America and Japan.

His life wasn’t without its hardships; in the 1980s, he served prison time on drug charges and left America for Australia in 2002, citing pollution of waters and overcrowded beach breaks as reasons.

He takes great pleasure in offering intuitive energy healing sessions to individuals of all backgrounds, such as Olympian Misty May-Treanor of women’s beach volleyball fame. Furthermore, he operates his own non-profit foundation called The Best Day Foundation which offers sports and recreational activities for kids with special needs.

Professional Career

Guy Takayama is an exceptional professional surfer, longboarder and surfboard shaper. In addition, he is an accomplished artist specializing in hand-painting beautiful surfboards with gold, silver and variegated leafing designs. Furthermore, Guy actively supports charitable organizations like The Best Day Foundation that provide sports and recreational opportunities to children living with disabilities.

He began shaping professionally with Velzy/Jacobs in the ’60s and later Bing and Weber before founding Hawaiian Pro Designs in late ’70s. At Hawaiian Pro Designs he designed the famous David Nuuhiwa noserider before returning to longboards when they saw a surge in popularity with two-time ASP champion Joel Tudor as well as designing noseriders such as David Nuuhiwa noseriders.

Today, his handmade boards are prized among surfers with long waitlists that stretch for months. Additionally, in his free time he works as an energy healer and intuitive guide, providing intuitive guidance to clients such as Olympic volleyball gold medalist Misty May-Treanor.

Achievement and Honors

Guy is widely-renowned for his commitment to various non-profit charities, such as Wounded Warrior program, Tri-City Medical Center Foundation, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club. Additionally, he founded his own foundation that promotes educational advancement and the creative arts in communities. Furthermore, Guy holds national boxing championship status while being part of Japan Boxing Association.

Personal Life

Guy Takayama was an esteemed waterman and shaper, widely recognized for helping pioneer the sport of surfing. Born in Hawaii and learning his trade at Waikiki Beach, at 12 he purchased a ticket to California using money earned from newspaper delivery routes; working alongside Dale Velzy in Venice CA’s surfboard factory.

Not only does Guy surf and shape boards, he is also a licensed chiropractor, energy healer and sports therapist. He works closely with professional athletes such as women’s beach volleyball champion Misty May-Treanor to promote wellness and healing; additionally he volunteers his services at Best Day Foundation which offers recreation for kids with physical or developmental challenges; his boards can be purchased under Hawaiian Pro Designs brand.

Net Worth

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