Hanks Kerchiefs

Hanks Kerchiefs – Son of Tom Hanks and Founder of a New Business

Handkerchiefs can be invaluable items to have on hand for many occasions, from wiping away sweat from your forehead when perspiration arises to blowing your nose or as makeshift bandages and tourniquets.

Colin Hanks — son of Tom — recently launched Hanks Kerchiefs hankie brand at select BEYOND/ HELLO dispensaries and online. Part of its proceeds will support California wildfire recovery efforts.

Early Life and Education

Colin Hanks, son of Tom Hanks, enjoys making punny puns. Hence the name of his new handkerchief line Hanks Kerchiefs; featuring eight styles each priced at $28 each and proceeds going towards wildfire recovery efforts in California.

Hanks, who has appeared in Orange County and Jumanji: The Next Level as well as Life in Pieces and Dexter on TV, created Hanks Kerchiefs in 2018. Working closely with Anderson Brothers Design and Supply, their unique designs were produced.

Hanks has joined forces with cannabis company Jushi Holdings to bring his designs to BEYOND/ HELLO cannabis stores. Additionally, he supports charities for veterans as well as fighting childhood cancer with love.

Professional Career

Colin Hanks is Tom Hanks’ son and the founder of a new business that capitalizes on both his last name and clever wordplay: Hanks Kerchiefs sell eight different varieties of reusable handkerchiefs that can be used as face coverings, hair ties or scarves at $28 each or $200 for the set – both can be found online.

Hanks recently collaborated with Jushi Holdings, a multi-state cannabis operator, to feature his hankerchiefs at BEYOND/ HELLO dispensaries and online. Furthermore, a portion of proceeds was given back to Home for Our Troops organization which helps veterans rebuild their lives after experiencing trauma.

Hanks’ partnership with Jushi extends his efforts on behalf of public lands, having previously collaborated with National Parks Project to raise funds for backlogged projects at iconic US National Parks.

Achievement and Honors

During the Great Depression, women turned to hankies as an inexpensive way of updating their look. Hankies could easily be personalized by embroidery with unique colors and patterns for less than the price of purchasing new clothing.

Hanks Kerchiefs were an integral part of Colin’s childhood, so launching his own line was an effortless transition. Additionally, he appreciates its deep cultural history spanning two millennia.

Colin recently collaborated with Jushi Holdings Inc, a vertically integrated multi-state cannabis operator, to offer Hanks Kerchiefs at select BEYOND/ HELLO dispensaries and online. A portion of proceeds from each sale will benefit charity such as Homes for Our Troops that helps veterans rebuild their lives.

Personal Life

Colin Hanks, actor and son of Tom Hanks, recently made waves in the cannabis space by entering with an unconventional entry strategy: Hanks Kerchiefs are now available in retail locations specializing in lifestyle cannabis stores across multiple states through multi-state cannabis operator Jushi Holdings; according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. The Hanks Kerchiefs line now available through Jushi Holdings can also be found at select BEYOND/ Hello dispensaries around America, according to Colin himself and Director Daniel Coblers’ partnership was with multi-state operator Jushi Holdings to roll-out his product at specific BEYOND/ Hello dispensaries across states partnered BEYOND/ Hello dispensaries across multiple states as he collaborated closely with multi-state operator Jushi Holdings on its nationwide roll-out report Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

Hanks collaborated with Anderson Brothers Design and Supply (known for producing men’s clothing line Tankfarm and Co) to launch his range in 2018. Hanks says that he chose cannabis retail stores as the venue because they resemble “spa or trendy retail spaces” more closely, acknowledging changing attitudes toward cannabis consumption.

Net Worth

Hank can always help when it comes to blowing your nose, cleaning glasses, polishing eyewear or wiping away runaway wine drops with his organic cotton handkerchiefs – and every time one is used a tree is planted!

Life in Pieces and Orange County star Tom Hanks (41), boasts impressive business savvy. He owns his own line of hankies called Hanks Kerchiefs; its name a clever play on Hanks and the word kerchiefs.

Colin has joined forces with the National Parks Project to offer bandana-style hankies that honor some of America’s most iconic parks, with proceeds helping fund backlogged projects and educational campaigns for public lands.

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