Harold Oliver

Harold Oliver Was a Loving Father, Grandfather, Grandfather and Friend

Harold Oliver was recently arrested for defrauding members of an Orrick church out of thousands of dollars, one victim alleging she met Oliver at church and felt comfortable speaking to him directly.

His expertise lay in business development and government relations, serving in multiple executive capacities for numerous companies.

Early Life and Education

Harold Griffith Oliver was born April 4, 1888, in Hastings, Minnesota, to pioneer parents operating a general store. Growing up, Harold found himself immersed in Tom Sawyer-like pioneer conditions as his father ran the general store; later working as bill-poster, scenic painter, muskrat hunter and even accompanying his chemist uncle on business trips where they witnessed specimens of diseased brains and deformed fetuses; however later suffering from prosopagnosia which left him incapable of recognizing faces; unlike Tom Sawyer!

In 1929, Oliver relocated to California and settled in an arid desert region near Palm Desert where he built Old Fort Oliver for use during film work and as a retreat during film shoots. Additionally, he wrote humorous essays about Southwest geography while publishing The Desert Rat Scrap Book magazine; Oliver’s daughters eventually settled there as well.

Professional Career

Harold Oliver had an illustrious teaching career at the University of New South Wales. Known for his rigorous standards, he would not hesitate to fail students who did not live up to his high expectations. Furthermore, he was an effective administrator who understood academia fully.

He coached for 33 years with the Riley County Falcons and earned 18 league championships, 14 substate titles and three state crowns – an enduring legacy that had an enormous influence on numerous young lives.

He has designed for Broadway, Off-Broadway, regional theatre, opera and short film; working alongside Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis and other well-known actors such as Academy Award nominee Jude Law and other Academy members. As a composer he is published by Music Sales Corporation/G. Schirmer Inc.

Achievement and Honors

Harold Leon Oliver was a dedicated husband, father, grandfather and friend who left behind an imprint of love and happiness that will endure through generations to come.

Fight hard to make Arts an official subject at the University and be vocal in criticising colleagues who did not share his high standards. An accomplished scholar with international stature, he published numerous works.

His academic approach to New Testament studies transcended biblical literalism despite coming from Alabama’s Southern Baptist fundamentalist culture, making him an excellent teacher and mentor to his students. As one of many awards and fellowships bestowed upon him by major American universities, he became the first African American ever honored with an honorary doctorate degree.

Personal Life

Harold Oliver was a man who deeply believed in family. He made everyone who came his way feel welcome, making them feel like part of his tribe. Harold Oliver was also charming, humorous and often playful – always ready to regale people with jokes both near and far.

He guided Riley County girls’ basketball for 37 years, amassing 18 league championships, 14 substate titles and three state trophies along the way. He was an amazing mentor.

One of the victims told authorities that she sent Oliver several MoneyGrams to Sierra Leone, each time asking her for more money until her emergency funds and savings had been depleted. Oliver left Sierra Leone for New York supposedly to finalize a deal but never sent anything in return; neither she nor anyone else ever received anything back.

Net Worth

Gale Harold was born in Atlanta, Georgia to two engineers (father) and real estate salespeople (mother). Harold estimated a net worth of $5 Million. With extensive experience in public relations and government affairs he now serves as the Managing Principal for GAP Texas and TX Capitol Consulting Group and has handled many high profile clients during his 20+ year career in this industry.

He has earned a stellar reputation for providing innovative and cost-effective legal solutions to complex legal issues, having handled cases across various fields including economic development, transportation and legislative concerns.

Mr. Doughtie is also highly sought-after as a speaker and panelist, having presented at numerous conferences as well as serving on several committees.

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