Hasib Thomas

Hasib Thomas is the President of Clarivate Science Group

Seven years ago, Hasib packed one suitcase larger than himself and left Afghanistan to pursue an education. Today he serves as President of Clarivate Analytics’ newly merged Science Group.

His personal and collective experiences with racism drive his activism.

Early Life and Education

Hasib packed one suitcase and fled Afghanistan seven years ago. Since then, his mission has been to give his family the life they deserve – something which drives every class he attends and conversation he has with faculty mentors.

His activism stems from both personal and professional experience. His parents founded METCO, an inner city school busing program; while his aunt spearheaded an alcohol rehabilitation program. Furthermore, experiencing racism first hand in Mansfield only reinforced his commitment to fight for equality and progress for future generations. He credits Westminster’s International Center and faculty mentors with providing him an unforgettable Westminster experience; graduating in 2022 to pursue a career at the intersection of race and mental health.

Professional Career

Hasib’s commitment to giving back to his family has lead him down an extremely rewarding path. He’s working towards his dream of becoming a neuropsychologist – studying how certain diseases and injuries impact brain aging and cognitive functions – with amazing success.

Hasib has an outstanding talent for helping both people and organizations realize their full potential. His leadership in cybersecurity has earned global acclaim; winning him both the 2020 Cybersecurity People’s Choice Award from (ISC)2 as well as 2017 Information Governance Expert of the Year from them.

Hasib credits Westminster Professor Tamara Stevenson with being one of his main influences in achieving success. He appreciates her candid advice, making him feel included within the community – truly making her one of his mentors. Eventually he would like to work full-time for Seeds of Peace; an organization which gathers children from conflicted areas together so they can discuss issues together and work towards building better futures together.

Personal Life

Hasib Thomas hails from a family with an impressive legacy of activism. His parents helped establish the METCO bus program for inner city children; his aunt spearheaded an alcohol rehabilitation program; his sisters own and operate the National Black Doll Museum in Mansfield, Massachusetts; while Hasib himself has experienced racism several times himself including being stopped by police several times for license plate checks and having them follow him home late at night; such incidents only further fuel his commitment to protest alongside the Black Lives Matter movement for progress for future generations.

He specialized in mathematics, astronomy and philosophy – particularly mathematics, astronomy and philosophy – according to Ibn Sina’s Al-Isharat wa’l-Tanbihat and corresponded with several scholars as well as authoring a manual of philosophical Sufism.

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