Heather Olive

Heather Olive – An Acclaimed Artist and Homecoming Host

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Early Life and Education

Heather was raised in Plymouth, NC and graduated with honors from her local public school system. A gifted athlete in both basketball and softball, Heather also excelled academically with an infectious love of learning.

At Carl Albert High School, she earned an impressive reputation through numerous theatrical productions and beauty pageants in the local area. Yet family was always her top priority; once her children reached adulthood she got hit hard with travel bug and made sure to explore God’s world-wide natural wonders as much as possible.

Now she and husband Stan Olive, an Oklahoma City police officer, perform together as Up-Word Motion. They regularly visit churches before recently taking their show to the Civic Center Music Hall.

Achievement and Honors

MOUNT OLIVE — Three University of Mount Olive alumni were recognized during homecoming weekend for their achievements. Brandon Mills of Jacksonville was named Business Associate of the Year; Heather McPherson from Clarendon was honored with Lorrelle F. Martin and Michael R. Pelt Excellence in Teaching Award; while Ashton Griffin from Holland received Honorary Alumnus status.

Valerie Newberne Cox excelled at University of Missouri-Omaha on three teams – basketball, softball and volleyball. Among her many accomplishments at UMO she holds first place for total blocks, block assists and blocks per set in school history.

Dr. Heather Glennon is an associate professor of animal science at UMO and advisor of its Animal Science Club. Recently she received the UQ Ally Award which honors staff who have demonstrated allyship towards LGBTIQA+ people.

Personal Life

Olive was an accomplished painter and illustrator, who began modeling nude for various artists after becoming famous through her talent and beauty. Olive quickly rose to stardom as an overnight sensation before going on to perform onstage as well as star in silent movies with Jack Pickford; yet she preferred not using his name so as not to have anyone mistake her success for due to the connection.

Her debut starring role was in 2000 film Committed, where she played Joline, an intensely committed young wife. It received an unfavorable review on Rotten Tomatoes.

She made her English-language directorial debut with Killing Me Softly in 2002; it received an unimpressive 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This film featured absurd plot twists and cringeworthy dialogue; critics harshly reviewed it.

Net Worth

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Olive recently acquired Empiric Health, an Artificial Intelligence company dedicated to eliminating unwarranted clinical variation during surgeries, expanding their solution offerings beyond revenue cycle management and utilization management analytics for providers.

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