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Shane Battier and His Wife Heidi Ufer

Heidi and Shane Battier met while attending high school at Detroit Country Day and later continued on to college – she at Villanova and him at Duke.

The pair married in 2004 and now share two children, Zeke and Eloise. Both are active in charitable events and often seen together, having founded the Battier Take Charge Foundation which assists students with educational opportunities.

Early Life and Education

Shane Battier and Heidi Ufer are living proof that childhood sweethearts can find lasting love, making an inspirational example in their marriage and treatment of each other and their two children who have brought so much happiness and fulfillment into their lives.

In 2010, they founded the Battier Take Charge Foundation as a nonprofit organization providing educational resources to students in Miami, Detroit and Houston who need them. Through this foundation’s efforts they have seen lives changed for the better.

Their son, Zeke Edward Battier, currently attends Ransom Everglades high school while daughter Eloise attends St Thomas Episcopal School in Coral Gables for sixth grade studies.

Professional Career

Heidi Battier is an internationally recognized education advocate with an impressive track record in college admissions consulting. Additionally, she is engaged with several philanthropic causes and has assisted many students through The Battier Take Charge Foundation that she co-founded with her husband Shane.

Shane Battier was a former basketball player who spent thirteen seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Drafted by Vancouver Grizzlies in 2001 and later traded to Memphis Grizzlies after being traded, Battier achieved prominence during this time.

Battier led the Memphis Grizzlies to numerous championships during his tenure, earning respect from fans and community members alike for fostering closer ties between team and city. Fans especially appreciated his unselfish play and ability to help make teammates better.

Achievement and Honors

Battier has always been an outstanding example both on and off of the basketball court, both personally and philanthropically. Through his charitable initiatives, he has proved that no goal is too lofty if one puts their heart into reaching it.

His devotion to education has enabled him to make an immeasurable impactful mark on many students’ lives through the Battier Take Charge Foundation, offering educational opportunities and resources.

Heidi Ufer has been an integral pillar in his life. They met as teenagers in high school and have two children together. Even with busy lives and schedules, the couple make sure to spend quality time together at home as well as volunteering their services at Ransom Everglades and St Thomas Episcopal School – serving as an example of what can come of a strong, supportive marriage relationship.

Personal Life

Shane Battier and Heidi are living proof that high school sweethearts can find lasting happiness together. Together they have two children named Zeke and Eloise and demonstrate the power of true love and commitment between partners.

Shane and Shannon Battier are very involved with charitable work, often seen together around town. Additionally, they’ve created The Battier Take Charge Foundation – dedicated to providing aid for youth in need – which has strong presences in Miami, Houston, and Detroit where Shane hails from.

Since 2004, this couple have been happily married, inspiring many with their extraordinary love story. They can often be found attending events together proving that their bond remains stronger than ever; children are the pride and joy of both, sharing an incredible connection that shines through in everything they do together.

Net Worth

Heidi Ufer has been Shane Battier’s loving and supportive companion since their high school days. They married in 2004 and now share two children together. Additionally, together they founded the Battier Take Charge Foundation with an aim of providing resources for youth development and education.

Battier amassed more than $50 million during his NBA career and is widely revered for his skill and sportsmanship on the court. Additionally, he is an acclaimed author, frequent presenter at international business conferences, and ESPN sports commentator.

Following his retirement from the NBA, he co-owns D1 Sports Training in Memphis along with former NBA players Baron Davis and Metta Sandiford-Artest; also joining an investment group to launch the East Asia Super League; as well as joining Yext Software Company’s board in New York.

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