Helen Essenberg

Helen Essenberg – A Closer Look

Helen Essenberg and Dick Butkus share an enduring marriage, living a peaceful existence with their three children Ricky, Matt and Nikki.

She prefers a quiet life and has dedicated it to supporting the Butkus Foundation through which he makes charitable donations.

Early Life and Education

Helen Essenberg hails from America and professes Christianity as her faith. Due to being private person, there is limited information about her past or current life available – currently, she’s in her late 50s.

She met her future husband in high school and they quickly fell in love, eventually marrying on August 28, 1963 and living happily together until his untimely death on October 5, 2023.

Helen stood by his side throughout his successful football career and other endeavors. Moreover, she remained his devoted wife and mother throughout their 60-year marriage; their three children include sons Ricky and Matt as well as Nikki – making Helen one of America’s most respected women who continues to lead a peaceful life with her family.

Professional Career

Helen Essenberg is married to former professional football player, sports commentator, and actor Dick Butkus. They first met during high school romance before exchanging vows at their marriage ceremony on September 20, 1963 in front of friends and relatives.

Early in his career, Butkus was both center and linebacker for the University of Illinois Fighting Illini football team from 1962-1964. During that period he earned Player of the Year honors from American Football Coaches Association and The Sporting News before being honored with induction into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1983.

Butkus has an impressive acting career as well, having appeared in films such as Brian’s Song (1971), Any Given Sunday (1999), Gus (1976), Necessary Roughness (1991), and Hamburger: The Motion Picture (1986). These contributions to film helped him amass an estimated net worth of $8 Million.

Achievement and Honors

Helen is also well-recognized as a wife and mother. She shares two children with her husband, an ex-American professional football player turned sports commentator/actor; they first met while in high school before marrying in 1963.

Helen and her husband are well-known for their charitable activities through the Butkus Foundation. This charity works towards preventing sudden cardiac death and heart disease among youth through testing services as well as raising awareness of potential risks related to steroids among young athletes.

Helen is an American citizen of white ethnicity who adheres to Christianity as her religion. She leads a peaceful and private lifestyle with her family and relies heavily on her husband for income via his career in American football – becoming one of the most notable linebackers ever!

Personal Life

Helen was born and raised in America. She hails from a white ethnic background and practices Christianity as her faith. Helen is married, her husband having served in professional football before transitioning into sports commentating and acting roles; together they met as high school sweethearts over six decades ago and remain together today.

Ricky and Matt, and Nikki share peaceful lives together while sharing all their joys and sorrows together.

Her spouse boasts an illustrious career and is well-known throughout American sports culture. As a former linebacker at University of Illinois he was honored with being inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. Additionally he made waves as an actor having appeared in movies such as Brian’s Song, Any Given Sunday, Gus, and Necessary Roughness.

Net Worth

Helen Essenberg keeps most details about herself confidential as she prefers leading an insular lifestyle. According to photos taken of her, however, she appears to be around 50 years old; details regarding her parents, siblings and date of birth remain unconfirmed.

Dick Butkus was an American former professional football player, sports commentator, and actor who she began dating while still in high school; they eventually wed in 1963 and have three children: Matt Butkus, Ricky Butkus and Nikki Butkus.

Helen’s husband boasts an impressive net worth of $8 Million as of 2023. His primary source of income comes from his career as an American former professional football player, sports commentator, promoter of various brands and companies as well as endorsing various brands or companies he endorses – which makes his current earnings and lifestyle quite satisfying for him.

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