Henry Clay

Henry Clay Huth

Henry Huth was an avid bibliophile and collector of rare books. He enjoyed hunting, skiing, fishing and skeet shooting; country music; as well as being a member of Greenwich Country Club, Riverside Yacht Club and Gasparilla Inn Beach Club.

John Gordon and Margaretha Spang were his parents.

Early Life and Education

Henry Huth was born in 1815 and died in 1878, the son of Frederick Huth who established a banking firm during the Napoleonic wars in London from Hanover. Frederick also developed an interest in books which led him to amass a substantial collection of rare editions that made up part of his Roxburghe Club membership.

Henry was educated at both Eton and Sandhurst before joining the 8th Hussars, serving with them throughout his life, both peacetime and wartime. Henry distinguished himself in every war by remaining emotionally detached throughout his entire military career; it is evident from his exemplary military record that this trait remained.

After his passing, Alfred oversaw the publication of his father’s library catalogue in five volumes and an English verse translation of Speculum Humanae Salvationis for Roxburghe Club.

Professional Career

Henry Huth was a long-serving soldier with the 8th Hussars, serving for more than 25 years and holding the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. Additionally, he was known as an outstanding family man and generous philanthropist.

In 1958, he earned his professional surveying license and went on to work for several construction firms such as Pennsylvania Turnpike and E.E. Murray (Manny Murray).

Grell is survived by his wife, Jan Grell; daughters Gwen Barnick, Laura Acierno and Kristin Dowling as well as son Tad; grandchildren; and great-grandchildren as well as numerous nieces and nephews who mourn his loss and carry his legacy forward forever. His legacy will live on through them.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Clay Huth took a leap of faith when he joined the Blockbuster Video franchise in the 1980s with no prior franchising experience – yet was able to turn it around with great success and make his contribution innumerable for young entrepreneurs. His mentorship skills made his presence felt throughout the industry.

His work has earned him several honors and awards, such as Provost’s List and Honor Roll status and being presented the Distinguished Alumni Award from Lipscomb University.

His contributions were integral in shaping the video industry as we know it today, from major studios and distributors all the way down to individual distributors and their strategies for success. His involvement helped steer it from its golden days of VHS into DVD.

Personal Life

Henry Huth was born in 1805. He married Helen Frances Checketts and had two children before passing away in 1878.

Frederick Huth & Co was established during the Peninsular War in London and soon became an established firm dealing with international trade – particularly dealing with North America’s expanding markets. By 1850 when Frederick retired, their capital had exceeded PS300,000 (approximately equivalent to approximately PS12 Million today).

Alfred Huth (1850-1910) was an avid bibliophile who expanded and inherited his father’s vast library and helped found the Bibliographical Society of London. Additionally, Alfred belonged to the Church of England and resided at Fosbury Manor in Wiltshire with his wife and eight servants; he also enjoyed painting and sculpting as hobbies while hunting was one of his passions.

Net Worth

Huth has amassed an estimated net worth of over $1.4 billion as of February 2023. His primary source of income comes from selling 650,000 units of Amphenol stock over 18 years, as reported in SEC filings. He earns money through investments such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Boston Market, Einstein Bagels and Palm Beach Tan. Barbara “Boo” King Huth is his wife; together they have three children Halsey, Abby and Brecky as well as 12 nieces and nephews. William Austin King is president of Follansbee-King Inc. in Riverside and graduated from Albion College. Paul Huth resides in Krystol, Michigan while Cami Huth O’Herren of Greenwich Connecticut are his siblings.

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