Henry Claypool

Henry Claypool – A Celebrity Advocate For Americans With Disabilities

Henry Claypool is an advocate for Americans living with disabilities. His dedication is deeply personal as he lives with the limitations caused by a spinal cord injury sustained during a skiing accident.

He served as Policy Director of a Managed Long-Term Care company and as Senior Advisor on Disability Policies to an Associate Commissioner from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services at CMS. Additionally, he held membership on the Federal Commission on Long-Term Care.

Early Life and Education

Henry Claypool was born in Fort Collins, Colorado. Following a snow skiing accident that rendered him paralyzed in 1973, disability benefits were provided in order to support his lifestyle; these funds enabled him to purchase wheelchairs and equipment that allowed him to live independently.

Claypool eventually became director of disability services at his alma mater, University of Colorado, helping improve campus compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Additionally, he founded Advancing Independence as a means of modernizing Medicare and Medicaid policies.

He was appointed by President Bush as a member of the Federal Commission on Long-Term Care to advise Congress on how to improve America’s long-term care system. Now working for AAPD as a Technology Policy Consultant and affiliated with Brandeis University Heller School he continues his advising efforts for reform.

Professional Career

Henry Claypool has long been at the forefront of disability policy development, working on issues at both state and federal levels relating to social insurance coverage for disability benefits such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security disability coverage. Claypool served as founding principal deputy administrator at Administration for Community Living before going on to head HHS’ Office on Disability in charge of Medicare/Medicare/Social Security disability policies.

He has also served as both a consultant and expert witness. Additionally, he co-authored multiple books related to social insurance.

He collaborated with fellow musicians Trey Anastasio and Stewart Copeland on a project called Oysterhead, which released one album. Additionally, Les Claypool fronts Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade as well as performing with The Claypool Lennon Delirium featuring guitarist Sean Lennon of Dinosaur Jr and Paulo Baldi from Cake as well as drummer Bryan Mantia from Primus and keyboardist Joao Nogueira of Stone Giant among others.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Claypool has been honored by both Covington Catholic Sports Hall of Fame and Northern Kentucky University Athletic Hall of Fame, and is actively supporting their Boosters as well as summer scholarship fundraisers. Additionally, Henry was one of the founding members of Rocky Mountain Wheelchair Sports Association.

Claypool played a vital role in shaping the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ efforts to combat fraud in power wheelchair sales in 2004, which has had profound ramifications for thousands of American with disabilities.

Claypool was a proud native of Colorado who loved all that Denver had to offer. An avid snow skier himself, he participated in several races before winning several awards along the way.

Personal Life

He has extensive experience drafting and analyzing disability policies both locally and nationally, working closely with government services like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits to ensure Americans with disabilities are treated equitably.

Claypool chaired the Colorado Governor’s Developmental Disabilities Council from 1993-1995 and helped form the Consortium of Developmental Disabilities Councils – later merging into the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities. This was Claypool’s initial success at directly shaping national disability policy.

Claypool also played a crucial role in helping David Jayne, an ALS ventilator user, fight to change Medicare’s “homebound” restriction that prevented recipients from accessing vital home services outside their own residence. Their battle was successful; Medicare policy was amended accordingly.

Net Worth

He has amassed a net worth of $37 Million through his success as a famous Rock Singer in California and at 55 years old resides there.

He is also an author, having published South of the Pumphouse. In addition, he recently launched his winemaking project and serves as lead vocalist/bassist in Primus band. Additionally, he has created many side projects such as Colonel Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade.

He signed a four-year rookie contract worth $6.6 million with the Pittsburgh Steelers and made an immediate impactful debut, recording four receptions for 56 earned yards and two touchdowns against in-state rival Philadelphia Eagles in his inaugural game as a Steeler. This victory ultimately helped beat their in-state rivals.

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