Henry Fite

Henry Fite and the Henry Fite House

The Fite House made an ideal location for Congress. There was plenty of space, as well as a spacious stable for Delegates to keep their horses.

Fite would occupy his time during rehearsals and performances by whittling old seamstress’ spools away discarded from sewing machines; soon discovering his artistic talent for it.

Early Life and Education

As British forces threatened Philadelphia in December 1776, the Second Continental Congress decided to flee. When British forces began moving towards Philadelphia, Congress met at Henry Fite House (later known as Congress Hall). Congress met there for 20 days until February 22, 1777 – it then served as its meeting location again until its surrender in 1777.

Fite was an influential teacher at St. Stephens College for many years, writing, directing and performing in school productions as well as encouraging the administration to include a fine arts department into the curriculum.

He and his friends would meet frequently in High Woods for old fashioned square dances, as he was an accomplished sculptor with public exhibitions of his works. Additionally, he operated an active art studio in Woodstock. Additionally, he was an active member of his Methodist church, welcoming worshippers on Sunday from its front steps every Sunday morning.

Professional Career

Fite’s wood sculptures, such as Dance VI, conjure up images of square dancing. His artistic process was heavily influenced by his early experiences dancing both ballroom and square dances as well as by an interest in nature’s geometry.

He quickly made friends among the farmers and quarry families of High Woods, often working alongside them in his studio. Additionally, he hosted weekly dance parties on his property as well as exhibitions of square dancing.

Henry Fite was married to Dora Flynn and they shared three children before she passed away in 1974. Since her passing, his family has donated over 300 of his works to museums worldwide as historical records and family trees related to him may include photos, original documents, family histories, relatives’ data as well as dates/locations associated with each individual piece donated by Henry Fite and more.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Fite was an innovator in microbiology. He became the first recipient of an honor from the American Academy of Microbiology – something only 65 professors worldwide receive annually!

Fite was also awarded the 2022 Harry S Truman Scholarship, presented annually to undergraduate students who are pursuing public service leadership careers. A member of Free Methodist Church, Fite is active in several volunteer initiatives.

He is a recipient of the Rising Lone Star Awards, presented to individuals who demonstrate outstanding selfless service and leadership within their schools and communities. Additionally, he has donated blood 21 times through Carter BloodCare as an adult donor.

Personal Life

Henry Fite lived an idyllic, simple life while remaining an active part of his community. He developed strong ties to local farmers and quarry families who provided labor. Henry would organize old-fashioned bees to assist him with heavy lifting tasks, while also frequently hosting square dances at his house.

Fite used his free time between rehearsals and performances to carve. Soon enough, carving became his primary occupation – becoming his hobby during rehearsals as well.

Fite created a series of wood sculptures inspired by dance in the mid-1960s that embody elegant simplicity and soaring elegance, serving to explore notions such as race and assimilation.

Net Worth

Fite’s daughter Ayana is an established fashion designer and the proprietor of Cozy Closet, as well as being featured on Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta reality television show. Prior to starting her own business she also served as manager at H&M before opening up Cozy Closet.

Athen has recorded three albums with various artists, such as the Beastie Boys, Papoose, Xzibit, Talib Kweli and Public Enemy. His first release, Severe Damage (1997) was primarily focused on East Coast hip-hop music genre.

Rich businessman who owns multiple luxury properties. Has invested in various projects and charities. Donated 20,000-square-foot spa to George H.W. Bush Library in College Station; owns horse farm in Texas as well as 147,000-acre ranch in New Mexico.

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