Henry Guess

Henry Guess

Henry Guess lives in a quiet cul-de-sac in Cincinnati where she writes from her kitchen, featuring retro diner furnishings. Her living space offers mid-century furniture and brightly printed area rugs to complete the picture.

Her romances are lighthearted yet realistic, featuring characters who deal with illness and death as well as power dynamics – but always ending happily ever after.

Early Life and Education

Henry Guess was born in Salters, South Carolina to parents of African American and Native American heritage. Raised on a farm, his natural talents for mechanical tinkering led to an interest in nature and exploration of his world around him.

He was an exceptional storyteller, employing themes central to his life – such as loss of innocence, resistance against exploitation and Christian unity – in his writings. Additionally, he would discuss travels he took; including Boston, Quincy and Berlin among many other locations.

Guess was known for exuding integrity and quiet authority whether as an unwilling member of The Trail of the Lonesome Pine posse or as an advocate for equal justice during 12 Angry Men juror.

Professional Career

Henry Guess was a Navy veteran and worked at Westinghouse Savannah River Company in Aiken, South Carolina as manager of its high level waste management division before retiring in 2004.

He served as manager for Aiken’s waste isolation pilot plant and completed 21 strategic deterrent patrols – earning him the Gold FBM Submarine Patrol Pin in recognition of this work.

His family will cherish his memory: wife Angela, daughter Latonya Venable and Malcolm Guess Sr as well as numerous nieces and nephews will miss him deeply; Vance in particular was very fond of Grandpa Hank who enjoyed water skiing at Woodland Bayou and taking long walks through campus at Clemson University. His memory will live on with us forever as will Hank himself who was known by everyone he encountered as Hank – everyone knew and loved him dearly!

Personal Life

Henry Guess of Kingstree, South Carolina was an avid hunter and fisherman who delighted friends and family by making them laugh. He loved going to church regularly as well as spending time with his grandchildren; he also took great delight in watching Clemson football games. Henry is survived by his wife Carolyn Hunter-Guess as well as sons Janna Guess – Kansas City Missouri; Latonya Venable- Alabama and Rossella Guess-Brown of Alabama as well as daughters Carmelita Guess Missouri and Rossella Guess-Brown; grandchildren as well as nieces and nephews from Kansas.

Guess has seen Redfern evolve over her nearly three decades at the University, from paper charts to today’s system where all medical staff can instantly access student health records via electronic health records. She will take with her an abundance of indelible memories made possible through Redfern staff’s shared mission of improving students’ health and wellbeing.

Net Worth

Henry Garcia has become one of the wealthiest individuals thanks to his diverse professional career. Through his roles on movies and television shows he has become known as an actor, producer, voice artist – winning him many accolades both onscreen as well as voice over roles.

Most HENRYs find financial security when their passive investment income surpasses base level expenses after taxes; however, some still feel jealous of individuals with less education who earn more money than them.

Henry Garcia is a loving family man, married to Lisa. They have four children together – including Ryan Garcia who holds multiple amateur boxing championships under his belt.

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